April 6th, 2006

Maru's hips don't lie

Oh Dear....+request!

Mello all...

This is RANDOM....
But I live in Toronto Canada..and we have a mall called Pacific Mall {Pmall} it sell things from China, Taiwan, and Japan....{GREAT FOR A PLEACE LIKE MEEE} and I found a ton of KAT-TUN things...but I mean they were making a HUGGGGGGGE profit!!!

The things I saw and the prices were as follows:

Real Face Single: $50.00
Best Of Kat-tun: $85.00
DVD: $165.00
FULL BOXSET: $275.00

My face.... o_O

My friend that hates all J.E...."random curse words"

I was like WOAH! But people....er...I mean rapid fangirls were going MAD for it....I was there to buy DBSK stuff....but the line-up was DISCUSTING!!! It went out the store and down the hall for like 10 minutes....now if you've been to Pmall it has LONG corridors...like REALLY long....I'm glad...REALLY glad I bought mine off-line! @___@ not that I wouldn't pay it...I'd just have to save...lol

Tell me...would YOU pay those prices?

Also as for my request I went back as far as I could before the debut trying to find the romanji lyrics to "One on One"
does anyone have them?1 Thank you in advance!

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[kat-tun] kuchibiru

[Request] Shounen Club performance of SUMMARY

Well, the title really says it all, but I shall elaborate!

Now, this SC perf is one of my all time favorites of both SC and the song itself. I swear I had it on my computer... but now it's gone! ;___; *panicattacks*
KAT-TUN and NEWS sing it with the same pairings as in their SUMMARY of Johnny's World performances. At the end, they go on this platform thing that rose and had different levels and I believe Jin and YamaPi shared the top.
I'm afraid I don't know when this was, but I'd really appeciate anyone willing to upload it for me or direct me to a place I can find it!

YouSendIt, MegaUpload, Sendspace, and RapidShare are all fine.
Please and thank you so much!

Oh, and I'm offering bribes... so ask away~ <3
Whether or not you have the file I'm looking for, feel free to ask for something. ^^
David Bowie


Weeeell, I joined a while ago and already wrote one or two comments, but I though I should really introduce myself. Nooo, don't need to be afraid, I'm not going to write a long post or anything, I'll introduce myself like I do in every community, with some bribing ^^

They are 1024x786, and by they I mean three therefore it might take a while to load ^^

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