April 5th, 2006


hi i was wondering if anyone here has koki's solo "REAL 7"(mp3) from there concet dvd! i absolutely love it and not matter where i look i cant find it anywhere. also if anyone has an mp3 of koki's member introductions where he does a little rap about each of them im looking for that to. thank you for your time and any help you give ^-^
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Hey, I know that this isn't a NewS community, but I was wondering if there was a livejournal community on NewS. If there is, may you post me the link please?


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Guys.. remember the girlfriend conditions of Tegoshi I've translated?! He had 30 conditions.. and they were pretty hard to fullfill... AND GUESS WHAT!? EVERYONE HAD 30 CONDITIONS... so not only my cute Teshi... and look at those from Kame... Tegoshi's conditions aren't even THAT hard to achieve! XDDD

I found those from Kame... I've translated them... so look if how good you will do to be his girlfriend! ^-^

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teeny tiny request?

I was wondering if anyone had the clip of Ueda singing "Love in Snow" at Live Kaizokuban, and I'd really apprieciate it.

I've never actually seen it, but I love the song 8D!

Uh...my bribes will come in due time 8D