April 4th, 2006

Tatta5 - Neahime

KAT-TUN Boxsets Limited edition.

Etoo i have 2 boxsets extra from yesasia... is anyone still looking for it? If you are please email me at nicolelim87 at gmail dot com. We can discuss the pricings and stuff...I'm sure we can work something out as I really need to sell them off as I really need money right now... They are both new and untouched in fact they are still in their bubble wraps in the box which they came in from...

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jin - peace
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[video] Jin - Kimi wo Omou Toki

Whee~ i uploaded this a while ago and forgot to post it here!!! @w@;;;; It's from their 2002 concert ^_^ It's a Tomoya Nagase song if i'm not mistaken XD; I got the video from Clubbox :D My small upload after leeching so much stuff from here! *o*;;

Akanishi Jin - Kimi wo Omou Toki(30.2 MB) on RapidShare

Download to see an emotional-singing-and-really-sweating Jin, Nakamaru and Koki background singing and Ueda background dancing ballet-style ahrharhahrh XD;;;;

Comment please? lol

Enjoy!!!! :D
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Kame <3

Intro... post or something. (And request)

Hi... >_> *waves*
Um... yes, Hi. I've been a member of this community for a while but didn't dare to post until now. xD;

I'm a ... "crazy" KAT-TUN fan? XD Or well, not that crazy. I'd never touch them (-.-) like some of their japanese fans. And I'd never grab them hard enough for them to get bruises.

But I love them a lot. XD; Recently I also got my friend addicted to them (I'm so hawt, I know xD) Me being very proud yes yes.

Anyway... I've been looking all over the (several) place(s) for their Kaizokuban concert, which has an amazingly hot tracklist and I just can't seem to find it. T_T If I had the money to, I'd buy it but now... I don't. So I was thinking that maybe some kind soul here has it? Clubbox, torrent, ftp, or something... Anything really. I'd be very, very happy about it ToT;;

The torrent at jpopsuki is kinda dead and it's just the first part... so yeah.

If not, I understand... and if this kind of request is against the rules please delete it. ^_^;;;

Um.. Thanks.. and.. bye? *hides*