April 1st, 2006

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[hq scans] oricon 4/3 *whew* tired ^^

yaaaaayy! kino had a 10% off the whole store sale today ^^ here's scans of made of oricon 4/3 2006 issue: 13-1337 i wasn't going to buy it at first.. but LOOK AT THE COVER!! THEY LOOK SO HOT!! ^^ anyway i uploaded 14 pictures (there's a couple more pictures but they're not as important and i need a break *tired* ^^ sorry i'll post the last few pictures soon *gomen*) i hope you guys like it!!

scans are free to use. crediting is optional. but please comment! i'd love to hear/read what you think!! ♥♥

sorry to people who are on dial-up these scans are quite large -_-;;
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**click on the images for full scan size**

I LOVE IT WHEN THEY WEAR SUITS!! *DIES* wakes up.. *DIES* again!! ^^ (sorry fangirl moment)

anyway!! onto the rest of the scans.. they look so fine!! thanks for always putting up with my posts!! ♥♥ enjoy!!

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btw if there's anyone who can't get these just let me know i'll put it into a zip file for you ^^ *off to watch howl's moving castle again ^^*

edit: i posted the rest of the scans^^
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