March 31st, 2006

Junno - Grr..


I uploaded this for someone and didnt want to waste the links:

Koki, Ueda + Maru's Megumi Date, also the ending - it's a youtube rip so the qualitys not like superly clear but it's still watchable. It's all zipped up by the way.
Dumb Jin Clip - someone here posted this a week ago? I've coverted it to Mpeg version.

I'll be uploading more stuff, possibily tomorrow.  I also have a mini pic spam in my journal that i just updated. 

Entry has be X-posted.

[edit 01.04.06]
Re-Up Dumb Jin Clip on Megaupload

[Song] One on One

Question answered :) //Hey, does anyone know if other members sing in One on One besides Koki and Nakamaru? I barely even recognised Yu-chan; they definitely don't sound like they usually do, it's difficult to decipher who's singing anymore (the wonders of hightech sound equipment -_-) in most of the cd.
kame || ♥

kat-tun crack games ^^

hi everyone!! here's some more scans for you !! i present... KAT-TUN games!! ^^ i found some cute kat-tun games in some of my magazine {{myojo feb 2004}} and i thought i'd share them with you [hopefully some of you haven't seen it before]!! especially the akame paper dolls♥ they're so cute i want to print it out and play ♥♥ thanks for constantly putting put with my posts!! enjoy ^^

Free image hosting
click on the image for the full scan ^^

teehee^^ you can cut kame and jin out and put little costumes on them!! XD!! hahaha sorry i'm reverting back to my childrhood T-T

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okayyy here goes.. my scans are free to use. crediting is optional [although it makes me happy but altogether not necessary ♥] but what makes me happier are comments! ^^ hope you enjoyed this post ♥

*edit: posted the answers ^^*
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Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

[MUSIC STATION SP] 20060331 KAT-TUN - Talk + Perf + recap of past MS chibi perf (added clear ver)

Ah..what to look for in this download

1) KAT-TUN first appearance in MS - They looked like they were wearing doctor's robes..
2) Performances during their Chibi days when they were backdancing. Koki looks so CUTE! haha.. They looked so embarassed when those clips were shown
3) Ueda changed his hairstyle
4) They wore new clothes when singing Real Face! - Some of the clothes look like skirts..hehe..
5) Jin seemed a little tired..he's a little quiet..and his voice was slightly strained when he was singing. I am sure he's tired..poor thing.

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nagase // classic

Guess the young!KATTUNer.

Ok, so i got a box from my Japanese roommate full of stuff i'd left behind and one of the things in there was a (official? unofficial?) KATTUN book thingy with lots of candid pictures my roomy got me as a goodbye gift. Anyway, it's got the boys when they were younger and some of them look completely different to what they look like now. So i thought i'd do a little test and see if you guys can figure out who is who. Have fun!

P.S. The quality of the pictures isn't exactly a 100% 'cos the book itself isn't fantastic. Also, it's late, i'm tired and scanning bores me. Sorry.

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