March 29th, 2006

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[AkamePi] Shuuji to...

It's my very first AKamePi ficcu! Dozo~

Title: Shuuji to...
Pairings: Jin loves Kame; Kame loves Pi.
Genre: Tragic fluff.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: OOC-ness because I am not that acquainted with these guys.
Random Notes: This marks the start of a series of interrelated one-shots, collectively known as a multichaptered story - or a novel! WHOO! Still I don't want to call it as such, and I don't know why. XD

( He was to assume another character. )

Comments = encouragement.

BUTTERFLY spanish verse translated into english~

I have a feeling this may have been translated before, but oh well XD I really wanted to see what it meant, since i'm useless at Japanese, and since i take spanish i thought i might aswell try? 8D; *never pays attention in spanish*

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Yes yes, the she-wolf part threw me off too...
Although, when you think about it, it is really pretty *__* I'm glad i translated it :D!

kame || ♥

[hq scans] kat-tun younger years ^^

hi everyone! here's another scans post [you're probably getting tired of these T-T] these are my scans from duet aug 2003!! everyone looks so cute i just had to post these up!! kame looks especially good in jailbait mode XD!!! i don't know if you guys have already seen these before [hopefully some of you will find these pictures new]

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my scans are free to use. credits are optional. i don't care what you do with my scans but i love to know what you with them especially if you're going to use them to make wallpapers and avatars and what not [i would love to see some of your artwork as i ♥ psing but suck horribly at it T-T]

anyway enough babble! onto the scans! the scans are quite large [sorry for the 56kers i can make them smaller if you want ^^ all you have to do i ask ♥]

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*comments would be nice ^^ if it's not too much trouble*
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