March 28th, 2006

Translation Request and Lyrics Scans

I received today my Box ^___________^v and after watching the dvd... 

I would like to request if somebody can translate what the members say about each other.

In the making of they comment what they think about the other members, I got a little bit.. But I would love to know exactly what they were saying...

And, I scanned the lyrics... Big Resolution, ...

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Little Blurb to Share

I found this posted today on, which is an English site with information on Japanese celebrites and what not, and I thought I'd share it here.

"Popular group KAT-TUN have pulled off a feat no artist has ever managed before, with their debut single (Real Face), album (Best of KAT-TUN) and DVD (Real Face Film) all entering the Oricon charts at No.1. It's only the second time that one artist has been top of all three charts (Hamasaki Ayumi did it in 2000). They recently announced and sold out a show at the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome, also a first for an artist yet to release a song. While these feats are impressive, the Johnny's Jimusho unit are hardly newcomers. Formed in 2001, they have often played live, often performing with other Johnny's groups such as Tokio and V6. Members have appeared in popular TV dramas, such as NTV's 2005 hit "Gokusen". Kamenashi Kazuya teamed up with fellow Johnny's band NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa last year as the duo Shuji to Akira, releasing three singles, one of which became the year's first million-seller. The name KAT-TUN is made up of the initial letters of its six members, all in their early 20s."

Yeah for KAT-TUN! I'm so proud of them. ^^ Now if only they would become the first Johnny's band to debut in America... (ah my wishful thinking ^^).
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English translation + MU download links for Fan video Everlasting Story

Edited: Gomen! My mistake..didnt see the files properly. Bang my own head.

hihi..some of you have requested for the english translation of the fan video (Everlasting Story) that I posted a while ago. 

tadaki </span>kindly did the translation for all the episodes + included the MU download links for the all the episodes and for the songs used. =) 

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Super sorry for the confusion!

[lyrics]New songs in KAT-TUN album

Thought I'd put up the lyrics that I typed up...even though I think there might be other posts already posted regarding to the new lyrics(?) Well, for whoever interested, here they are-v-

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btw for those who can't read kanji, I strongly recommend this site which can convert kanji into romaji~
...and let's hope someone can translate them-v-