March 27th, 2006

Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

Fan made videos - Akame (yaoi) File front links.. =) Really gd!!

Hey people.. You really MUST download these two videos..especially Never end..(If you dont mind yaoi.) They are damn good.

For never end..they even made an interview special which involves interviewing Jin and Kame feelings about acting in their roles.. + another interview of them being featured as husband and wife. So

Anyway, I got the links from this website:

To download Never End all episodes + special interview (chinese subbed):;4631016;;/fileinfo.html

To download Akame's version of brokeback mountain - Tsukushi no umi (english subbed):;4636008;;/fileinfo.html

Do leave comments after watching it.. I am sure u girls (maybe guys too) will be super impressed by the dramas..haha..
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KAT-TUN sales (first week)

Oricon has numbers out for KAT-TUN sales.

Real Face single: 754,234
KAT-TUN's single is #13 on the list for all-time first week sales and has surpassed Arashi's record for sales in the first week of their debut single (I believe Arashi had ~550,000 sold).
It is also already #1 in the yearly singles ranking. If sales remain as they are, they probably surpass the 1 million mark and remain #1 for the year.

Best of KAT-TUN album: 556,548
Currently #8 for yearly albums.

Real Face Film DVD: 374,202
The DVD is already #6 on overall music home video sales (DVD+VHS). For just DVDs, it is #1. (page 64+)
If any information is incorrect, please do tell. :)
Tacchon <33

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hello. this is my first time posting here, and I thought I'd share some icons I made..

just a bunch of normal, boring, simple, & I guess you can say "crack" icons. lol

+ TacchonxTaguchi [1]
+ Hina [2]
+ Kanjimi3 [2]
+ Shuji to Akira [4]
+ MassuxTego [1]
+ Ueda [3]
+ Kame [2]
+ Koki [1]
+ Tegoshi [1]
+ KamexMaru [1]
+ Yoko [1]
+ Yasu [1]

samples: Image Hosted by & Image Hosted by

click [how boring XD]

SC Kat-tun spring translation

Soooo I got it done, finally!!!! *tired out now*

Since people were asking for a complete translation from the Shounen Club episode with Kat-tun special on the 19th of march, so I did that. I translated it from the Chinese subbed version, so couldn't help but sometimes leaves sentences out, that wasn't written in the formal subs. Sorry... And somehow my real player wasn't playing a part like from 30min till 40min. I don't know why... T________T So I wasn't able to translate that part either... But I got the rest. Sorry for my stupid language, I didn't had the time to correct all the grammar mistakes I've done.. I worked on it for really long.. even I should study right now... ^^;;;
But still it was really fun! So have fun now with the translation!!!

Edit: Lots of people noticed that I really got messed up with who saying what.. ^^;; Gomene!! There were times where I didn't really pay attention of who said what.. and just wrote down what this person said... since I often wrote "someone". So sorry for the mistakes. And sometimes I wanted to write this persons's name but instead wrote another person's name down... since my hands weren't cooperate with my brain anymore after writing so many names, that were repeating so many times... ^^;; Gomene! I will try to correct the most of the mistakes!

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