March 26th, 2006

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KAT-TUN Concert in Yokohama the 3rd of May

Are you going to the KAT-TUN Con the 3rd of May in Yokohama?

Then please take a moment to read this!
I am trying to help out a friend of mine who has an ongoing project. She has been making a documentary about Johnny's, and right now she would like interview englishspeaking fans outside the arena the 3rd of May before the concert.

I would totally love you like woah if you could please e-mail me if you would consider getting interviewed.
Please e-mail me at - this means don't post it here, e-mail me instead, and what else is, they are not old men trying to rape you, she and her crew are simply awesome.

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Hi~ I translated Precious One like i wanted~ there might be mistakes but the text is mostly english so not that much mistakes from me xD found the lyrics on some korean page~
I really love this song~ it might be because i'm in love with someone*-*

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Fan Made Video of Pi Kame n Jin Titled 你所祈求的永遠

Thanks to didikoishi  for uploading the fanmade video titled 你所祈求的永遠。。 into my clubbox... This is another great fanmade video! the author used a lot of beautiful phrases :) and yet again.. the editing skills are just superb!

u can download the vidoes from:
part 1: 



player to play the files: 

I've included a rather detailed translation of the videos in my journal