March 25th, 2006


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I post my survey in these communities.. since there people interessted in them! ^-^ So

If you guys are interessted, please take it! Or pass it on... if there are enough people doing that.. I will calculate the results...

It has different parts... so just leave out parts, you don't want or can't answer... If you are answering them in your own journal, please credit and leave a comment! ^.^

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HQ scans of the whole boxset photobook

hi everyone! i rescanned the whole photobook so these scans are much better than the ones i posted before [i was a little more daring with flattening my photobook T^T cuz i didn't like how the first ones turned out] XD!! thanks to everyone that commented on my scans the first time! i really loved them!

please comment i'd really like to know your thoughts!

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*runs off to try and reflatten the photobook T-T*
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[FAN MADE mini drama] Everlasting Love - Akame's love relationship+music Fighter live + talk

Music fighter 2006.03.24
talk :
live performance:

the live performance i put here is the clear version.. have another one in my clubbox as well that is not as clear but smaller in size

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Hihi.. I have obtained the permission of the author (kyseanlee)of this mini drama (titled Everlasting story) to share it with all Akame fans.. Haha.. Basically, the story is about the love story between Ryu (Kame) and Hayato (Jin). Ryu's a new student who just joined the class..and Hayato fell in love with him at the first sight..haha..

Anyway, when I was watching it.. I cant help but say "wow" at certain parts..cos I think the author is so creative and smart to cut and edit the scenes. haha..

Btw, I think this video is a must watch for those Akame love advocate and for those who have watched Gokusen 2 (lots of spoilers since all the scenes are taken from there. So those who have not watched gokusen might not want to watch this). =) The mini drama is hardsubbed in chinese. =)

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{req} Small request and major flailing

OMG. My boxset came today!!!!!! *flail* I love Kat-tun so much. I just can't get over the fact that it's actually here, and I can't decide which to listen to first the Real Face single or the album. I've already looked through the book, and OMG they are soooooooooooooooooooo freaking hot. I think it's been worth the wait. Any suggestions on what to listen to first?

As for my small request, I've been on a major fic reading kick lately, and I was hoping for some recommendations of good ones to read. Any pairings are fine. I've already been reading Blurred Lines and the one by kazutachi_keita whose title sadly escapes me at the moment. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


[EDIT] OMFG... I absolutely love this album!!!!!!!!!!! It's just... OMG Love like woah on sooooooooo many levels. RHODESIA, Butterfly... I just have no words for how much I love this. *flail* Is it odd for anyone else to listen to these songs without the screaming fangirls via the performance rips? ROFL Anyone else wish the ballad version of Gold was on here too?[/EDIT]
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(DVD Rip) Real Face PVs - All 6 Individual Angles

finally done =O

so that took three days *kicks stupid internet connection*

neways here's all 6 pvs!!




Clubbox: Kame 257mb
Clubbox: Jin 259mb
Clubbox: Junno 262mb
Clubbox: Koki 263mb
Clubbox: Ueda 256mb
Clubbox: Maru 276mb

and just in case anyone still needs it, the full version w/ the normal pv version and all the backstage + interviews


Clubbox: Full File 1.4 GB

+credit to prettyboys forum

*notice: please do not upload to other places without my permission thank you! my clubbox is dying, and since i took 3 days to rip and upload all this, i'd like for ppl to use my clubbox, instead of leeching it from other places. hope you understand. feel free to direct ppl to my clubbox tho =)

KAT-TUN in Music Fighter 2006.03.24

Hello ^^
I'm here to share the Music Fighter where the KAT-TUN were the guests ^^
I cut all the parts that weren't related to them so sorry if it's not perfect sometimes ^^'
It's the performance + the talk which is really funny even if I don't understand everything, but the guys were really genki XD
If someone could do a summary of what it's said, that would be wonderful XD
The file is 385 Mo so I have to split it into 2 parts.

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :

EDIT : I've reuploaded on FF since YSI is a pain in the neck and I won't use it anymore lol

Don't forget to use HJSplit to join the 2 parts ^^'

X-posted sorry ^^'

Pink Desu!!!

Hi!!Pinku Desu! XD I'm a newest fan of KAT-TUN etto...I like Junno, Kame and Jin (specially Junno) I hope that they receive to me well in this community. I'm from Mexico!

I made a Wallpaper in honor to the debut of Kat-tun with scan of ihearyourtears , I share it with you, if you want, can use it:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

PD: Have 2 versions.
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Some more Kame icons...

Because he's so easy to icon and I'm addicted to using him..

EDIT: Also gals I will take requests so if any of you have a pic of any of your boys you'd like made into an icon feel free to post that pic here and I'd be happy to do one for you!

TEASER: Image hosting by Photobucket

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Request: Utaban Special - March 23rd

OMG. This is the most hilarious show/episode/thing I've ever seen.

Too bad I didn't understand a word they were saying, even though I'm like Cantonese, and the whole Kanji language is supposed to be based on Chinese characters! -_____-" So basically, I'm requesting a translation for this show thing, UTABAN SPECIAL MARCH 23RD.

The link to the actual show was posted up by the lovely, lovelier and the loveliest jinjinjinjin earlier back.

I really do not care how much Japanese you know. All I want is a gist of it... And a gist of every single thing they're saying. XDD This is such an amazing interview and such and they were all laughing and everybody was laughing. Ueda was laughing, Maru was laughing, Kokie was laughing, Junno (my hubby) was laughing, Kame was laughing, Jin was laughing, Junno was laughing, I was laughing, Junno's children-by-me were laughing, Junno was laughing, Kame was laughing, Junno was laughing. We were all laughing.

(This post is turning out to be so fangirly... XD) If anyone has a brief translation or anything, please post it up because I will love you forever and ever.

The end.

Edit: I'm guessing the basketball part was about what they want? Koki wanted a washing machine I think. LOL. Guessed from Chinese characters. And Maru wanted a HDDisc playing machine? Ehhhh. -.-"
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I'm searching for the lyrics of the songs from the album~ or at least well readable scans~ i wanna try to translate some songs~ mostly Precious One because it's a beautiful and easy song~ in the internet i only can find a part of the lyrics~ there is missing a part of precious one~ if there is someone who has them~ onegaishimasu
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Vid Request

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had the full clip of when jin slaps junno on the face when they were eating ramen? Jin looked b*tchy there, lol, if you do have the file, can you megaupload it? or yousendit it? please? thanks!!