March 24th, 2006

Utaban Special 2006.03.23 - KAT-TUN talk + perform

as the title suggest.. its kat-tun on utaban!! its their first timr on utaban ( except for kame ).. hm.. and this time.. the focus wasnt really on akame... the other members.. especiall koki gets to talk as well :) .. too bad.. i cant understand what they are talking

in the middle.. there's real face performance.. great performance again :)

after that.. its games time! they had to try hittin the baseball the was dropped from this tube.. hm.. i wont say how well each did...

download from here: 
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As promised...

Icon pretties of Kame in thanks for all the wonderful folks here who supplied this humble newbie with piccies of him. Hope you enjoy them!

No credit neccessary but comments are lovely.

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box set photobook scans [set01]!!

*edit* added junno, ueda, maru, koki and group picture // i'll scan the second set of pictures tomorrow *gomen* i'm really tired T-T

hi there ladies! and gentlemen? i haven't seen anyone post these pictures so here you go! these are the pictures that come in the photobook that comes with the box set! so be warned don't click on the links if you want to wait for your box set

i do have a request does anyone have scans or the actual magazine called bidan where jin is on the cover? here's the link to one of the pictures in the magazine ---> *thanks to tomatoe18 for responding to my request ♥

okayyy enough of that! on to the picture links! don't say i didn't warn you!

comments please!!!! i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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[DVD Rip] Real Face Film

Hey minna,

so after hours and hours, I finally figured out how to rip dvds ^^;;; I am currently uploading all 6 individual PVs, and right now I am posting the complete version with all the backstage scenes and interviews. The PV used is the normal one =)

it is 720 x 370 widescreen encoded with Xvid =)

Caps if you want them:


Clubbox: 1.4 GB

+credit prettyboys forum

comments appreciated!

*notice: please do not upload to other places without my permission. thank you. (however, i would be happy if you passed around link to my clubbox ♥)
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Uhh, first post here. I don't usually make wallpapers, but I was really bored so I made a few KAT-TUN ones. There's one of Jin, one Ueda, and one of Jin & Kame. Enjoy~ :3

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Oxy New CM + KAT-TUN speaks Chinese + JohnnyrSports 2003 + SC (Taguchi, Nakamaru Produce) etc

hihi..I am back with some downloads...=)

First up is the other version of OXY CM starring Jin and Koki..=)  Koki is SUPER funny in this clip..haha..I think this is supposed to be the 3rd version. I am not sure what's the 2nd version though.. perhaps it's just an extended CM from the first version. Will upload it if I find it..=)

Download the clip here:

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Next up is the Entertainment News clip from Taiwan. It features KAT-TUN (actually only Kame and Koki) saying greetings in Chinese..
Download here:

Next is Johnny Sports 2003... One of my fav johnny sports year..hehe.. (If anyone is interested in the johnny sports 2000 and 2001 do tell me ya)
I am lazy to take screen caps..but if U dont have the clips..u really gotta download it. Trust me ^.^ cos it's really so funny and interesting. =)

Download part 1:
This clip features the backstage before the start of the game..They start preparing, learning their dances etc.

Download part 2:
Ah..Jin and Nagase's gd at playing soccer..and Kame and Nino are great at playing baseball

Download part 3:
This features after the game..back stage where they do their health checks - measuring of their lung capacity, ability to carry weights, stretch, etc etc

Download part 4:
After the game..featuring more of KAT-TUN and TxT =)

Here are some more clips of Kame playing games

1) Baseball - Chinese subbed:

2) Bowling competition - Kame team vs Uchi team: process of uploading Shounen club, Nakamaru produce (Theme - Namida/Tears):

Shounen club, Taguchi produce (Theme - Blue) :

Do check out other stuff too..=)