March 23rd, 2006

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[Request] This has got the be the most baka request EVER!

Regarding the KAT-TUN debut stuff, does anyone have a clear camera shot of everything? I don't want scans of the covers! I know not everyone bought everything that was released but I just wanted to see it cause I can't wait for my stuff...^^;; I know suguishi posted a blurrish camshot but it was blurry so yeha...I'm like...OMG I JUST WANT TO SEE THE SHINIES PREASE! And if not all of the shinies, just some? PRETTY PREASE!?

Thanks! ^^;;

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rhodesia's and butterfly lyrics

I made the romaji for Rhodesia cuz jisatsuganbou asked me to. Enjoy yourself ^^.

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credits: me
Don't use this lyrics out here without my permission. I'm sure that the lyrics has some mistakes as I couldn't find the kana/kanji lyrics. So, please, if you find something wrong feel free to say it. =)

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ToT love me!
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[INFO]K2 is Kamenashi Kazuya

The lyricist for the 9th song of Best of KAT-TUN album is K2 (or K squared), and now I am pretty sure it's Kamenashi Kazuya because:Collapse )

Haha. So Joker=Koki, K2=Kame, but I still wonder if Gajin can possibly be Jin X-D Though I googled and found this Gajin has written songs for V6 before! So maybe not...
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thanks to yokumiz at jin_dailyfor pointing out that there are actually 6 different versions of the real face PV on the KAT-TUN DVD!! anyone who had the DVD make sure to change the camera angle in the begining to see them!!! the JIN version of the PV is SO HOT!!!

i can screen cap some scenes for the people who can't get the DVD since i'm stupid and i don't know how to make dvd rips! i didn't want to post anything as to not spoil anyone's fun.

btw.. hi! i'm new this is my first post =] feel free to delete if it's irrelevant - -"
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KAT-TUN newbie with a question...

Yeah, I'm new to KAT-TUN. I knew they existed prior to the debut announcement, but I was hooked once I saw the Real Face PV. Best of KAT-TUN made me a full-fledged fan.

Anyways, I've got a question. Is Real Face#2 supposed to be on the normal edition of Best of KAT-TUN? Or is it really titled "Real Face#1" like the tracklist on the official site says? #aznmp3 released a rip a couple of days ago, and the 15th track was the normal version of Real Face. I'm just really confused as to what version of Real Face really appears on the album.
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[request] KAT-TUN downloads

This is possibly the WORST time to go overseas.
I'm heading to Pattaya, Thailand to do some volunteer work for a week during my Spring Break.
Living in the DEAD CENTER OF TOKYO, I never had problems with getting tv programs and everything (I would SO share, I just need a computer with a DVD player inside... which I will get.. soon.) but while I'm gone, theres going to be.. SO MANY shows that they'll be on and I was wondering...

will anyone be kind enough to download all the shows?
generally since its 8 days that i'm gone, I can't download YSI files (plus they'll probably be blocked real soon).. so I would REALLY REALLY REALLLY appreciate if someone who downloads A LOT allows me to have the files sent to me (by email or MSN) on the 31st of March.

I will give you a link to all the J-web entries that I write from the ones I get on my cell phone everyday. It's in Japanese.
Mostly up to date, I write:
MOST of the KAT-TUN MANUALS (some of them are just TOO long or so irrelevant so I dont bother-- one member updates per week)
[YamaP (since mid January 2006--updates everyday)
Masu x Tego (their entries are ending at the end of this month--updates mostly everyday)
the last few weeks of Toma's entries(ended beginning of february--long and sweet)
NEWS group journal(one member updates once a week)
Weekly Nishikido Ryo (deep and cute)]
..and some other interesting stuff written by Johnny's or J-web people on ocncerts and CD's. (SUPER long reports but SUPER worth reading)

I'm already behind schedule, haven't packed, and I hardly studied so far for the Japanese History test I have 80 minutes prior to my departure to Narita Airport!

in the middle of scanning 7 mag scans

Thanks A LOT in advance.

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Special Happiness's lyrics

I just did them by listening as nobody did scan the booklet yet so I'm pretty sure that are many mistakes. I'm fixing every of the mistakes after watching the kana/kanji lyrics so this posts might be edited eventually. Don't take the lyrics without permission and obviusly credit if using, please.

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