March 22nd, 2006


322! Finally!


Not only are we celebrating their debut today but we are also celebrating them topping the Single, Album and DVD chart of Oricon!!!!
(Kat-tun is on the DVD twice, #1 - Real Face Film; #5 - Kaizokuban, which was released in May last year!)

Kat-tun! おめでとうございます!

*raises glass* Here's to making it World-Wide and to a record-breaking future!
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DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight

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I only had time to make one icon, and one base. I'm still working on the 'sex' series, so I need to make at least 4 more...*shrug*

here's some Ueda for ya.



credit[if.using] (diamond_designs or angel_9_lives)
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yay !! kat-tun debuting :]
soo freaking HAPPPPIEE !!! YAY !! too bad i didn`t buy the boxset or anything :'[

well uh anyways. i`ve been looking everywhere for winter concert. like, not torrents. i have the dvd, but my friend actually tried to burn it and it didn`t work for her. so she asked me to look for links to give her and stuff ..

so can someone please upload it if you have it ? &if you`re free .. cuz i`m not in such a hurry right now.
so yeah. thanks :]
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[Pics] Scans of some KAT-TUN photosets

Omg, I've just about died 10 times over here after stumbling on these pics on Yahoo Auction. Too bad they don't ship internationally or I'd be sooo tempted to get them. Collapse )

EDIT: I've found a couple more and included it in the cut. ^^ I'll just add if I find any more. =Þ These pics! I waaaaaaant!!! sniff*

EDIT # 2: Added a couple of Jin and Kame(collage-like scans) and some others, but they're lower quality scanned. I'm also adding the links to the auction in case anyone is interested and able to get them.

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tokyo dome setlist & oricon article

Firstly, the Tokyo Dome setlist. I don't think it's been posted here yet, but it is huge. 35 songs. Pretty much...yeah, every song ever.

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According to Oricon, the single has secured number one for the week, will (at its current rate) pass B'z's single for highest first week sales of this year. Oricon also says that it's quite possible that it will become the best selling debut single--currently the record is held by Arashi with 557k of their debut single sold.

Translated/summarized at forums. Original article here