March 21st, 2006

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news clip of KAT-TUN's debut Concert

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This is a news clip talking about kat-tun's tokyo dome debut concert.. they sang 22 songs during the concert .. Thats pretty impressive.. shall talk a bit about the news clip.. refering to my screencaps the 7th picture, featuring a person lying on the floor.. That's our mr jin akanishi.. never fail to amaze us with new tricks... singing while lying on the floor?? The 2nd last pic.. ermz.. the screen cap doesn show clearly, but its actually ueda in a midst of wrecking a white guitar on stage.. guess it has always been ueda's wish to be a rock star ne..

They sang real face twice actually, one at the beginning.. wearin the really big and heavy cloak-like thingie.. another time in the intermission with music station.. shall not say anything more.. :) 

Oh yah..the clip is not of super clear quality..but it's good enough if u wanna see snippets of the Toyko Dome Concert.

here;s the link:


if you guys have seen the most recent shounen club (the KAT-TUN debut special episode), where they show the VTR of kat-tun's very FIRST appearance on pop jam since they first form, here's the clip 

but this clip doesnt include the talk part, only performance of be cool. 

Oh yah..they mentioned in Hey3 that their senpais didnt like them as they did not seem to dance well enough, and are not well coordinated enough as they want to try to show their individuality by doing different things. BUT i think the Senpais are WRONG. If dancing like that = not dancing well..then I dunno what the senpai mean by dancing. haha..

I have somemore clips of popjam which I have not uploaded yet.(Some are really interesting. You can see the difference between their dancing styles then and now. In the past, all of them used to be really it all their best and are really enthusiastic when they are dancing..but now, all of them seemed to develop their own style..Jin and Ueda are more laid back now..^^)

for more links, please go : 
for even newer links, please go straight to the clubbox main page 

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HADAKA NO SHONEN ( 18 . 03. 06 ) ... with Tat-chan and Maru...
(credits: clubbox) or

It's always a funny thing watch this two guys eating.. *lol*

they go to places where you can eat for only 1000 yens...   And they do Tempura at the end with silly hats... xD

the program is boring... and it makes you want to eat... -_-;; ...  but.. I laughed a lot.. 

And  they do a random REAL FACE /DEBUT promotion... Tat-chan wants to talk. but he can't..since Maru is talking.. *lol*... I wonder what Tat-chan is gonna do in the radio program he has with Maru... I recommend him, bring something to shut up maru.. *lol*   like a gag.. or something. :p.... xD

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( I won't upload to YSI, YSI hates me when I try to upload bigger files -_-;...)

Enjoy ^.^v

2006.03.18 NHK - Last performance as Shuji to Akira - SeiShun Amigo + okurukotobake

I downloaded the Shuuji to Akira last preformace from Club box from this post

I uploaded it to MU for a friend who can't use Clubbox so figgured I would share the link here...also I kind of forgot to intorduce myself to the community hehe. Well nice to meet you all ^^v
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So, the release date of KAT-TUN's album and single were the 22nd of March, right? Well, actually, CDs are released the day before. So Oricon charts have already started this week. And you will not be surrprised to find out that KAT-TUN is the #1 single and album. It's safe to say that they'll be #1 weekly. ALthough Koda Kumi's best album sold nearly one million its first week, it sold 280k (+/-) it's second week, and I can't help but believe that this week the figures will be lower and since Kanjani8's album sold about 150k, KAT-TUN is well on their way for the weekly charts. :D
Now, if they can pull off 1.5 million in a week, then they'll be #1 for the month (though I kind of doubt this..)

And since I'm sure you all knew it was going to happen, I have this:

It's a rip from youtube and .flv so you'll either have to convert it to .mpg yourself or watch it with VLC (tut here.)
It's a 20 minute video of clips of Jin being...Jin. And speaking Jinglish (WHY JENNIFER???). And trying to fly.
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presents for "kat-tun debut day!"

yayayayayay!!! my KAT-TUN box set came in today!! here's scans high quality scans of the album, single, dvd XD!!! i'm sure everyone has it already but i'm just wanted to contribute something!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

do whatever you want with these scans! crediting is optional [although it would be nice ^^] i really don't care what you do with these scans XD! i put my name on them but it's off in the corner and noton the picture itself

comment please! i would like to know what you guys think! XD

currently working on DVD screen caps :D stay tuned!
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kat-tun debut presents part 2 [dvd screen caps!]

hey guys! here are some screen caps of the dvd! i only capped up till the end of the first day of their PV shooting! This should be enough to hold your curiosities until your dvds come in too! :D

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it doesn't matter to me what you do with the screen caps. credits are optional [but greatly appreciated]. only thing is don't steal them and say that you did them cuz these actually took me a while to do!

*please comment! i'd like to know what you think!*
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[discussion] thoughts about BEST OF album

[discussion] thoughts about BEST OF album
I'll start of the discussion by asking: favourite song on the album but you can basically talk about anything to do with the album :P
(spazzing, keyboard smashing, capslock and bolded letters are more than welcome!!)

I have to say my favourite track is Rhodesia. This song is so angsty and raw, their voices are full of emotions and the heavy guitars make me spazz XD Seriously this song is angry hot smex right there!!!! I also have to mention Butterfly because when I first heard this track I started screaming and drooling (no fake) and I had to stop Winamp and recover my breath and I couldn't even get past the first ten seconds because the guitar was so angsty and hardcore!! And omg the soft guitars and whispery talk at the bridge made me so faint! *___*

I know that a lot of people are being loyal and waiting until they recieve their album before listening, but I caved in and downloaded (thanks to our dear mod xakamex for uploading ♥) and I have to say the album is AMAZING. It has exceeded all expectations! I can't wait to get my boxset!!!
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This is something REALLY small I did really quickly to one of my ABSOLUTE FAVE KAT-TUN pics...But I'm EXTREMLY new to photoshop so pwease don't kill me!!!!

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