March 20th, 2006

Spitz - 三日月ロック


Four Jin icons I made from caps of the Real Face PV. They're not great, but I thought I'd share them seeing as I probably won't use all of them. :D

At my ijournal.
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Well I haven't posted in here that much, but I was just wondering if someone could upload a performance where Kat-tun did a cover of L'arc~en~ciel's "New World"? My friend needs it and it would be grateful, thanks by the way.

I don't really have bribes right now. Sorry I really am.

[SCANS] TV Guide 2006.03.17 - 2006.03.24 KAT-TUN special book

yup yup I didn't forget to post the link this week, so sorry for forgetting it last week, but you can go to the gallery and get the pics there.
So yay more KAT-TUN stuff yay and waii the off shots of Jin are so cute esp. that one pic with his hair all messed up, kawaii!
Gawd just two more days now! kkyaa *throws confetti*

Oki here you go enjoy ne.^^

TV Guide 2006.03.17 - 2006.03.24
Akame.  Simple As That.

LIMITED SINGLES available @ YesAsia...

I just wanted to inform everyone that the LIMITED singles are available at YESASIA...again. It's probably gonna be sold out soon after this post so better quick to get them if you want.

@me (sorry, no shortcut links this time!)
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made by me

Requesting Pictures

Heyyyy guys,

Okay, I'm new in this community, so I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Hailey, but call me Hail if you want.
I come from Santa Ynez, california, but I jus moved to Canada.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone of you had pictures of three of the KAT-TUN members
with boat hats on their head made out of newspaper. Plus they had newspaper-made swords.
Does anyone have the pictures like that? If you do, may you please post it here or tell me where I could get those pictures?
I'll fo sho credit u! Also, I'd like to credit the person who made the icon, but I can't remember who you are!!! I'm so sorry. stupid me. -.-'

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(no subject)

only to say: check your time zones!!, because KAT-TUN's debut won't be at the same hour(and day) throughout the world.

me--->KATTUN debut - 13 hrs = my KAT-TUN debut(for me KATTUN's debut is tomorrow!! kyaaaa xD)

Did I explain well?
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Title: Expected Eminence
Chapter: 1
Author: Wendy (aka Rikayla)
Genre: Drama, General, Romance 
Rating: PG-13 
Characters: Kazuya Kamenashi, Jin Akanishi, Junnosuke Taguchi and Tomohisa Yamashita, as well as originals.
Summary: St. Belius College is one of the top ten private boarding schools in North America, with a renowned international reputation, making it difficult to get into. Being so, reputation and the expectations set by parents are equally important. However, when two new students, sons of a very wealthy couple, buy their way into the school, the students, especially Ayumi Ishikawa, discover that the reputations they live to set out for weren't as important as they thought they were.
Author's Note: It's the first chapter of hopefully many chapters up ahead. Hope you guys will like it.

Expected Eminence - Chapter One
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