March 19th, 2006

2006.03.18 NHK - Last performance as Shuji to Akira - SeiShun Amigo + okurukotobake

hihi...yep..this is most prob the last peformance with Kame as Shuji and Yamapi as Akira.

Download here:

GO here for more other downloads:


Clubbox tutorial:

Oh yah..would really appreciate it if someone could help us design a simple banner for the clubbox..for KAT-TUN's debut on the 22nd..details here:


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Help please

Help please
so i was wondering it anyone has the song that maru sings on the KAT-TUN 2005 DVD (KAT-TUN Live Kaizokuban)its called Aishiteru's his solo where hes wearing the cool green outfit...i absolutely love it and i cant find it anywhere! so if anyone has it i would be so greatful!
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YesAsia just sent me an email to informing that they have shipped my order of the KAT-TUN Box Set! hmmm..doesn't it not release until 22? -.-""" wheeeeee~~~im so excited and just wanted to share my excitement with this community ^^ Sorry for spamming your friends list =9

In order to celebrate this historic moment and the soon-arrival of my box set, I bring to you an old performace by KAT-TUN.

KAT-TUN - Solitude shinjitsu no sayounara (Live at Shonen Club)

It's kind of old and probably most of you have it already, but this is one of my favourite performances, because i just love the song ^^ and also, this was on my computer and I am too lazy to go searching in my CDs for another one =9

I'm feeling so generous that I've decided to make this post public and no, i will not make the common rule of download = comment (not that people necessarily listen to it anyway). So lurkers, download away and share my joy ^^
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Tokyo Dome con merchandise

Went and nicked a bunch of photos of the merchanise from the Tokyo Dome con (which is also the stuff that'll be sold at the spring tour cons, I'm assuming XD) from Yahoo Auctions, including pics of uchiwa, posters, clearfiles, photosets, and concert photos.

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Ueda and Nakamaru


What's  going on with these 2?
 (It's all in the vids) 
(They have the same style check out the pants and footwear)
(Watch the 2 near the end of the video behind Kamenishi)
(And everyone know about these one from Real Face Music Video but these one is more clearer when they did Live in Utawara)
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the cd single


(credits to jpopsuki ^^v )

1. Real Face
2. Gloria
3. Will be Alright

Please use megaupload or clubbox if you can, and leave the YSI link for the ones who can't use the others . thanks .



In Butterfly, in minute 3 they talk/sing in.. SPANISH!!!....

I almost had an heart attack yesterday night when I realized it .... (I'm spanish xD)

*gloms Yuu-kun* thanks for giving classes to Jin ^_~ !

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Hello all ^__^ I've been a Kat-tun fan for a while now, but for some reason I didn't find this community before today O.o
I'm on my way to make some Ueda icons, and I'll probably post them sometime later on.
So.. I just wanted to say Hi^^;
minnie --> smile baby

[Pics] new shop photos - solo, group

Found the whole sets of the shop photos on yahoo auctions!!! *O* Only Jin and Kame solo sets though Found the others but not the whole sets. >__<;; (and Kame being skanky with Maru LMAO!!) IF ANYONE MANAGES TO GET HOLD OF THEM, I'LL PAY YOU $934895 FOR THE SHIRTLESS JIN ONES AND THE ONES WHERE HE'S MAKING DEMENTED FACES. :D

Sorry they're smallish!! I can't find bigger versions. .__.;; But if I do later I'll edit and shove them up here too. XD

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19/3/2006 SHOUNEN CLUB KAT-TUN DEBUT special

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hihi..I have been anticipating for this shounen club episode..and I am so excited to finally share it with all of u..haha

Ah..I shall not comment much but leave all of you to see it for urself..

I would like to say that I am glad to see so much happiness and laughter among the 6 of them..and their handwritings are really qt ugly..haha..esp Jin's..haha..

This shounen club is a must watch cos it summarises all KAT-TUN's "first time"..;)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Check out : for more downloads

I have also made an updated clubbox list part 4 : (all the latest files we have uploaded to the clubbox)

CLubbox tutorial:

REQUEST: Kame's ero-ero dance video clip

hello. I am wondering if anyone would be so kind as to upload the video clip of kame's ero-ero dance to YSI? I'm having problems downloading the clip from the clubbox. So I would be greatly thankful if someone could upload it again as most of the links of the video clips which had been uploaded to YSI had expired. Please please please help me out! Thank you! =) If thee's a clip of Jin's ero-ero dance, plz upload it too!! Thanks yet again. =)