March 18th, 2006

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Okay! So we've got a little bit of everything this post! ^__~
Arashi Icons/Yamapi/Kame/Nari/Gazette icons! Also, dream_raine I MADE YOUR LAYOUT! +_+ FINALLY~

NEWS CD CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY! *__* I love the new single. didn't come with a DVD, and I was a little sadened by that. ::was looking forward to Cinderella Boy PV:: ;__; ENJOY THE SCANS!

[01] Arashi Layout(s)
[20] Jun Icons
[05] Aiba Icons
[05] Nino Icons
[05] Ohno Icons
[05] Sho Icons
[05] Arashi Couple Icons
[10] Yamapi/Nobuta Icons
[05] Kame/Nobuta Icons
[05] Nari Icons
[20] Gazette Icons




Many Arashi Icons + More!!

Hi !

Hi !!

Well... my name is andrea !! but plz call me Tsuki xD ....well...i think this community is very interesting... and i'm starting to kow KAT-TUN ....and they're so cute ^^ specially jin and kame *-* well i hope i colud know more about this exellent group in this community ...mmm...i'm a spanish speaker so plz !! be patient with me U.U'......  my favorite group is Larc XDD ....and im starting to like Kat-Tun a lot...well that's all !!

cya !! n.n
Yamada / custom
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can someone help to fullfil KOKI's raps?

I'm having some problems to know what the hell is saying koki in the last half of the song and since no one did write it in japanese I can't really complete it myself oO...
This's my version of the song , I'm sure there're still some mistakes, not too many but anyways... don't use those lyrics out here without my permission. =/

Can somebody help me with Koki's rap lyrics?

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Akame.  Simple As That.

BEST OF KAT-TUN Album download...

Continuing from the post made by jisatsuganbou HERE, I've uploaded the album onto SENDSPACE and YOUSENDIT for the people who can't get it from MEGAUPLOAD. I hope you don't mine me doing this Jisatsu! Prease to enjoy, minna! This is not friends only because the original from Jisatsu wasn't friends only either so...yeha...

For those who can't get BEST OF KAT-TUN Album download from the links already given, I've uploaded it to my domain so I'm offering a direct download for the desperate. PLEASE, if you can use CLUBBOX, please use that and don't waste my bandwidth cause this is also the bandwidth used for my Biased Distiny site. And don't just download because it's here and convenient for you! THANK YOU!

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - BEST OF KAT-TUN (expires on March 22)
M/U DOWNLOAD - BEST OF KAT-TUN (provided by jisatsuganbou)
CLUBBOX DOWNLOAD - BEST OF KAT-TUN (provided by jisatsuganbou)
SENDSPACE DOWNLOAD - BEST OF KAT-TUN (provided by capyberaluv)


I think this is the LIMITED version because track#15 (real face #2) isn't here...or maybe the uploader just didn't include it...
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KATTUN - Best of Kattun .... for download at  jisatsuganbou
( it's in open post ^^v,.. under the friend only post ^^v )

You decide if you want to download it now or wait for your copy whatever you want....

your own decision ^^v

I... I will wait for my box.. I think.. not sure yet.. still debating with myself.. *lol*
(only listened to BUTTERFLY.. to full fill my jinda love *_* XDD and it's WOAH! *_*! holy shit *_* )

(not flames for sharing it, please.. it will be everywhere really soon xDDD )  

Akame.  Simple As That.

KAT-TUN (members) getting their own radio shows!

Thanks to Maggie&Tina @ Abaka for the info.
Apparently, Taguchi and Koki will be having a radio show starting on April 3. It will be on Monday-Friday at 11:00pm.

Thanks to Ina @ Abaka (& here?) for the info.
Nakamaru and Ueda will also be having a radio show starting on April 5. It will be called R-One KAT-TUN and will be on at midnight on Wednesdays.

So, now that those 4 have their own radio shows, does that mean Akame will be next? Ah, that would be MY dream come true...almost...

Kame - Peace <3


Hello, I've been in this comm for a little while but haven't had the courage to make an introductory post till now. ^^' I'm not only new to this comm. but to all of JE and kat-tun. (I can't even remember all of their names yet ._.'') My interest went from Seishun Amigo PV -> Nobuta wo Produce -> Kame -> kat-tun. I hope to become a good fan of them at one point because right now I can barely tell who's who. x.x'

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KAT-TUN icons!

teasers=Image hosting by TinyPic, Image hosting by TinyPic

More @ ninjitsu_icons

I will also like to announce that I'm doing a 100 Junnosuke Taguchi icon challenge so check that out! I also have a request-does anyone know where I can get some really good Junnosuke scans?

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