March 14th, 2006

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Hey everyone.

I'm...Kind of new here, I've just been lurking recently, but now I...Well, I hate to ask for something on my first post but I was just watching this: on Youtube, its KAT-TUN + NewS "SUMMARY" performance, and I'm really...REALLY in love with this song now, does...Anyone happen to have the Mp3 of it? I would be eternally grateful if someone could upload it.

And if not, that's...Cool too, I'll just stick to Youtube ^^


Kristian <33
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[req]kattun on heyx3

does anyone have the full version of that episode?
I really can't download from anywhere except for bittorrent, and direct downloads.
if anyone has time, can you upload the parts onto ysi or sendfile...etc?

[Goods] KAT-TUN's concert goods

Source: johnnys-net

Here are the goods that will be available during KAT-TUN's concert tour, including the Tokyo Dome shows. All prices include tax.
  1. Pamphlet - 2000 yen.

  2. Jumbo uchiwa (6 individual types) - 500 yen each.

  3. Poster (1 group, 6 individual types) - 800 yen each.

  4. Clear file (1 group, 6 individual types) - 500 yen each.

  5. Shopping bag - 600 yen.

  6. CD case - 1200 yen.

  7. Mirror - 1000 yen.

  8. T-shirt - 2500 yen.

  9. Bath towel - 3000 yen.

  10. Tattoo seal - 700 yen.

  11. Canned badge set - 900 yen.

  12. Original photoset (1 group, 6 individual types) - 600 yen each.

  13. Johnnys penlight w/strap (this is a new version of the penlight for 2006) - 1300 yen.

  14. Johnnys Jr. calendar - 2000 yen.
Once the concerts start, there will most likely be live photosets added to this list with the same format of 1 group set and 6 individual sets at 600 yen each.
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[PV] Real Face for your iPod! :D

I converted the Real Face .avi to .mp4 to put on my iPod, and I thought I'd share. I set the quality to 'Go Nuts' when I encoded it, so you can watch it full screen in iTunes if you want and it's not too blurry. (It looks fine on my iPod.) Hosted at SendSpace. Comment if you download~

Real Face - 71 MB

Enjoy! ^__^
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Requesting for videos

Umm... I know that there are people who already posted links for the videos that I want to request but I cannot DL it since I'm on dial-up and the videos are big...

So I would like to request for 2 videos

2006.3.10 Music Station Real Face Performance
2006.3.12 Utawara Real Face Performance

~~~in .WMV format & in YSI please...

Thanks so much in advance!!

More news about KAT-TUN


日本テレビ系「歌笑HOTヒット10」 毎週日曜日 19:58~20:54
テレビ朝日系「裸の少年」 毎週土曜日 17:00~17:30
NHK BS2「ザ少年倶楽部」 毎月第1・2日曜日 18:00~18:53

テレビ朝日系「ミュージックステーション」 3月17日(金)20:00~20:54
NHK総合「土曜特集 家族で選ぶにっぽんの歌」 3月18日(土)19:30~20:40 ※修二と彰 亀梨出演
テレビ東京系「Ya-Ya-yah」 3月19日(日)12:24~12:54 ※中丸、上田
フジテレビ系「HEY!HEY!HEY!500回記念生放送」 4月3日(月)19:00~22:00
TBS系「Happy!」4月放送予定 21:00~ ※田口出演 鳳圭一郎 役
日本テレビ系 DRAMA COMPLEX「たくさんの愛をありがとう」4月放送予定 (火)21:00~ ※田中出演



J-WAVE「NIGHTS STORIES」3月20日(月)24:30~27:00 ※亀梨出演



角川書店「週刊ザテレビジョン」3月8日発売 ※田口
ダイヤモンド社「TV station」3月15日発売
東京ニュース通信社「TV Japan」3月15日発売





Found those news from their offical site.
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