March 13th, 2006

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[YSI Download] Utawara 03-12-2006

Erm, yeah, I uploaded this for a friend and decided to not waste the link. =3 So if clubbox doesn't work for you, you can download ... I guess.
What more to say except...
here's the link. =D

Comment if you download please. =3
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Has anybody seen/heard of the Negai Medley KATTUN sang? It's the one where they sing a combination of songs, including Always a Song for Love (J-Friends) and Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana by SMAP. I'm wondering if anybody knows the first song they sang? I really like it but I have no idea what it's called...

Thanks in advance!

edit: here's the link to the song. The first song they sing is the song I'm looking for.
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Promoting/Advertising my CLUBBOX...^^;;

My shameless self-promoting should kill me...but anyway, I got a clubbox recently, like a day ago, and I uploaded a few things in there that minna has probably gotten and seen already but what the hey, check it out and see if you have it and if not...DOWNLOAD AWAY YO!!! I think I'll only be uploading KAT-TUN (related) stuff there so...yeha...I'll probably eventually upload full episodes of shounen club I downloaded off else where and of utawara and whatever there is...KAT-TUNda? But I'll leave that to when I have time...which is the yeha...prease to download much and enjoy!

...and has anyone seen the new look for the community? For the occasion of KAT-TUN's DEBUT! YAY!


13/3/2006 Hey Hey Hey KAT-TUN real face live performance + TALK!


added the talk segment of hey hey hey.. the file is 24minutes long... includes talk and performance.. ah so if u haven download the perf itself.. maybe u can download this.. 2 in one.. shall not comment much.. course i dun really understand what they were talkin about.. ah but they keep laughin from the start till the end.. haha can sense that they are really very happy.. for me thats enough :)

here's the file

wah its already 3 am here.. was waitin for the file to upload finish... ah i will probably die in sch tomorrow...

Hey Hey Hey real face live performance!!

I have watched the utawara and music station version of the performance..but I must say for this performance all of them really twist their hips..haha..

MUST DOWNLOAD AH..haha..This is the clear version. I dont have the talk yet..will upload once I have it.. so check out our clubbox yah.. =)

Download here:


requests for file uploads in here: