March 12th, 2006



I could get a ticket of their spring concert in Hiroshima! This is the first time for me to see them at live and I am so excited!!! I am a fan of Tatsuya, and is there any point to check??? Thanks!

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I'm feel bad for being my first entry and only to ask for something but...
I was wondering if could someone do an animation icon of kame in real face PV, when he does "giri giri" with his hand( exactly in the second "girigiri" (min 1:48)(like a nya nya with his hand *o*)
I know that there are very nice and talented persons here.

could anyone do me this favour?*begs*
if you makes me the icon I will LOVE YOU FOREVER. =P*puts her better sweet little face.*

please support!

hi KAT-TUN fans! :)

a few of us at have started a clubbox for JE fans, and would like you guys to join in! we would really appreciate it if there are people willing to download/upload any files. but as of right now, it seems as though downloading would be doing us a greater favor.

anyway, if you would like to just go check it out, please go to:!

also, promoting the clubbox is also going to be very helpful.

thank you!!

p.s. go to if you need help with using clubbox :)
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[Utawara]06.03.12 Kat-tun Talks + Perf

I realize that most of this has been posted already, but by then I had already spent hours cutting and encoding so I decided to upload anyways ^^;;;

The Talk Portion Includes:

-Lady asked to choose btw Matsujun and Kame (Kame is so cheeky cute here)
-Kat-tun Battle of Love Scenarios
-Jin vs Matsujun Part 3 Verbal Battle
-Flashback to Chibi Kat-tun. incl another Jin vs Matsujun Verbal Battle (chibi jin? chibi jun? XD)

The Perf Portion Includes:

-Perf of Real Face (yup... just the perf :P no talking anywhere)

Download at:

Clubbox: The Talking Parts (300 mb)
Clubbox: The Perf (90 mb)

+credit jpopsuki for the full file, my cut, and prettyboys forum

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Hola^^ *waves*

A totally fangirl question, because I'm curious ^^v

Which are your fave pairings inside Kat-tun?.....

My own preference? jinda ♥ ♥ ♥ since I started to like kattun ^_^v and.. KokiMaru/ TaNaka.. just... really..they belong each other... ^_^v xD


please, no lj drama over here... *lol*... I'm curious,,, I want to know your opinions... but I hate "hate post/comments" ... give your opinion and respect the others ^_^v...

And really.. at the end, most of them are going to be straight (what a pity I must add ;_;! ) , so I see no reason to be fired up over this ^^v...

(ps: the last utawara is love.. chibi jun + chibi kattuns... = ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ... )
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[CLUBBOX DL]KAT-TUN Performing Real Face on Utawara!! 12/03/2006

Yes, i am here again, hope i am not being too much of a nuisance.

Anyway, this episode is probably a KAT-TUN debut episode, not only they performed Real Face on Utawara (LIVE) for the 1st time, they also showed a recap of how the members were like before KAT-TUN formed, and their first performance on POP JAM. Ah.. I've seen chibi kame n jin around.. but this is the 1st time i've seen how the other other members look when they are only 13 14.. really interesting! And again, Jin and Jun had their mini battle, both of them are so cute.. always bickering every week. At the start, there's this mini skit put up by each members describing their perfect situation for professing their love, and this woman will choose a winner among them.

ah.. if u guys have seened the zoomin clips.. they made a special stage for the performance, with KAT-TUN , but its moved manually ( which i feel its kinda wierd ) but hey who cares! I love the real face performance a lot!!! remember that jin was always the one doing the "Tsk" thing ? ( in PV in MS) this time, kame did it with him!!

here's a screencap
Image Hosted by

here are the links

[UTAWARA] 12032006 KAT-TUN - Real face live + Special recap b4 debut (latest!!)
[UTAWARA] - 20060312 Mini Skit by KT members part1.avi
[UTAWARA] - 060312 Mini Skit by KT members part2.AVI

more links HERE