March 11th, 2006


Short Introduction

In the rules it said to try to introduce yourself so I shall make this short so as not to take up too much space lol. I am a new KAT-TUN fan. I have to say that SHE SAID is one of my favorite songs right now. I am hoping to eventually get their debut cd but I am short on funds at the moment *sigh*. I am a fan of lots of JE artists and other artists as well. I am from a small town in Michigan, USA where I get stared at constantly for playing music that no one can understand. I find it fun. I can't wait for the debut. This place looks great!

Some Stuff i Upload in my Clubbox


YT Links + Akame Picspam

Dedicated to all those suffering from Akame withdrawal. Lol. XP


1. 1m38s version of AKDBHH (Akame Dream Boy Holding Hands) clip.
2. Hadaka no Shounen era. Akame + Maru as Santas...the whole Christmas Project whatchamacallit which runs for about 25mins. ^^

and...Akame picspam. ^^o

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