March 10th, 2006


Small request <3

Hello @ all! <3
I've a small request and I hope you can help me! My stupid pc deleted the performance of Jin who's performing "Murasaki". Uhm..I'm not sure, but this was that one where he was crying..wasn't he? ._. Or was it only sweat? xDD;;
Yeah, whatever~ I would be very, very happy if anyone could upload it for me! <3<3
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Real face perf on MUSIC STATION!! 2006 03 10

OMG OMG!! Finally!!!!!! 1st appearance in music station!!!!! TOO HOT FOR WORDS!!

includes the talk segment alos.. was quite surprised that kame n jin spoke less than usuall.. course this time.. maru n koki got to speak

OH OH they sang live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok enough of my musing.. here's the link

English CB Tutorial
Clubbox link ---> will add more stuffs next time.. do check back if u are interested

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