March 8th, 2006



[TV] 20060308 zoom in super - KAT-TUN PV (1m28s).avi -> MEGAUPLOAD


[TV] 20060308 mezamashi TV - KAT-TUN PV (3m24s).avi MEGAUPLOAD YSI

credit: Clubbox

The second clip is much better and complete... more seconds of the pv.... not captures from it.... just download and see it *_* ... so WOAH!! *lol*

Collapse )

LIKE WOAH!!!!!!!!

The preview looks.. great.. they look great..and WOAH!.. *lol*

Tat-chan + guitar = jisatsu is dead *_* .. and.. *_*... excuse... I'm fangirling over here.. can't be coherent *Lolu*

I can't wait for the full version*_*
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MP3 versions of videos.

Hello everybody. I figured out a way to rip off the audio's from video's on YouTube. XD So I thought I should share the files that I have extracted so far. =) Right click the links on each new window for Save Target As. =)
KAT-TUN & News - Friends
Akanishi Jin & Kamenashi Kazuya - Easy Go Lucky
KAT-TUN - Japanesque Medley
KAT-TUN & NewS - Summary

Yes, I know that there's the other version of "Japanesque Medley", but that version was cut-off and I didn't like it, so I got the whole thing instead, which sounds twenty times prettier. =) 

Enjoy. If there's any problems with FreeFileUpload, please tell me because it's my first time using that site. =)

Edit: With "Summary" by KAT-TUN and NewS.
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KAT-TUN First Press Edition Bonuses

I posted this in another KAT-TUN forum, but just some news regarding the CDs. Over at the J-One Records website on KAT-TUN, they added some new information regarding the regular editions of the single and album.

I'm not too good at translating....., but I believe it says something regarding a bonus included in the First Press Editions. For the single, it's an original KAT-TUN set(?) and for the album it's an original KAT-TUN case. However, looks like both are limited to a certain quantity. Only 10,000 people will get the bonus for the single, and 5,000 for the album. The deadline to get these possible bonuses is March 27th.