March 7th, 2006

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Here's that profile thing that someone posted a little earlier.

People were kind of sort of attempting to translate it in the comments and some of it was wrong and it was bothering me because I'm retarded and OCD like that. So here's the correct & complete version.

Yes, I'm Japanese. I speak fluent Japanese. In fact, my mother tongue is Japanese. So don't tell me it's wrong (unless of course, you ARE in fact Japanese, like moi, or you speak it fluently.) just because you studied it on google or got an A in your "Intermediate Japanese Class". kthx.

(I'm bitchy, I know. I'm sorry.)

**Note : Most of the little 'messages' to other members are inside jokes. So we aren't really going to understand them, no matter how hard we try. Unless you secretly hide in their changing rooms and houses and shit and listen to them.

Oh, and some of these aren't DIRECTLY translated. Because I want you all to get the general gist of what they're saying and all. I mean, come on guys, sometimes, there are words/expressions/phrases in the Japanese language (and in all other languages, too. Think idioms for English.) that can't be expressed with a translation.So everything that was like that, I replaced with something that would kinda sorta be the equivalent in English. Get what I mean? I know some parts still sound super corny and "wtf-you-would-never-say-this-in-english", but hey. I don't want to distort the meaning completely. And I'm doing this while doing my AP Physics.**

Kamenashi Kazuya : 

Birthday : 2/23/1986
Blood Type : B
Birthplace : Tokyo
Height/Weight : 171cm/53kg
Favorite Food : Bagels
Least Favorite Food : Tomatoes, Pickled plums (Ume)
Favorite Color : Black, White
Least Favorite Color : None
Special Talent : Baseball
During the year 2006-2007, I want to become this type of person! I want to live every day to the fullest, moment by moment, scene by scene, and cherish every moment of it. I also want to become someone with a strong will and sense of self.
What type of girl do you usually like?  A girl who has common sense and manners, and a sense of purity. A girl who has plans for the future and is determined.
Messages for fellow members : Akanishi -> Let's do our best. 
Taguchi -> I've been playing pool (billiards).
Tanaka -> Let's be VJs.
Ueda -> Sooo. Boxing?
Nakamaru -> Human Beat Box!
To the person looking at this calendar :  I hope you'll be able to enjoy this year, and move forward step by step along with this calendar, making lots of good memories.  And "yoropiku" next year too! (meaning. yoroshiku. which pretty much means, thanks for this year and next year too. which therefore means, YEAH GET OUR CALENDAR AND FANGIRL US NEXT YEAR TOO.)

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it's shitty and was done in like, 15 minutes. but ENJOY.