March 6th, 2006

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[vid] harukana yakusoku at music station 05/09/2003

here's KAT-TUN performing harukana yakusoku at music station. they start off wearing their shiny light blue coats and pants but takes them off XD i didn't get a chance to upload it on sendspace in case anyone needed it! sorry i'll do it tomorrow [must go to work.. eventhough i don't want to..]

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*edit* 03/07/06
reupped. added sendspace. added megaupload [thanks to ebirukitty]
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kakkoii Maru

KAT-TUN on Heyx3 March 13

Hey Yo!! The Hey Hey Hey episode filmed two weeks ago (I think) is going to be onair on March 13th, 2006

So mark your calendars and tune in

These pics were taken from the preview (I've also posted this at IT, so I did not steal them....hahaha)
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