March 1st, 2006


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Hey minna >.<
I'm (again) changing where my Video Downloads are >.<
I did a webpage, but I found myself almost never on, which was the same as when I did the forum, so I decided to just go ahead and make it on my LJ, since that's where I'm at all the time anyway >.< I'm a Virgo, I demand perfection...*sigh*

come visit or add me, or whatever >.< Just know that's where everything is going to be (for now at least...)
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[vid] Oh-E-Oh! Taiyou no Salsa

hey guys! here's a performance from shounen club 02/13/2005 and they're performing taiyou no salsa :D it's a really cute upbeat song and around 1 min and 18 sec koki does a jump twirl and misses his landing [XD but it's ok he gets back up with a big smile] and jin does his signature hip shake at the end :D

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*please comment if you download so i'll know when to reupload*
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[TV] KAT-TUN on Music Station at least twice!

Credit: dobu
Source: Daily Sports article, dated March 1, 2006.

Just about all the Japanese newspapers were talking about the added concerts today, and as I said in the previous entry, it's been established that KAT-TUN will perform "Real Face" on Music Station on March 10, 2006.

But in the link above, there is a paragraph which states that on the following Friday, March 17, 2006, the group will again appear on MS...*live from their Tokyo Dome debut concert*! That is way cool, and I suggest to everyone who already marked March 10, to double-mark March 17!
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