February 27th, 2006


[scans] TV Guide 2006-02-25 - 2006-03-03 KAT-TUN

yoi akame akame akame! LOL* Ok it's oly one page, but yay it's akame so oh love! So yup here you go I bring you the weekly TV Guide scans *bless me* ROFL*

Annddd *drums roll*
The Johnny's Jr. calendar hq scans!!!! kkkyaaaaaa and omfgomfg the cal is absolutely awesome!!! akame IS love!!! *dances in confetti*
No bandwidth limit for the cal scans no tags as well, no posting elsewhere!! Go save them, but If I ever see someone use them for a banner icon or post them elsewhere without my permission I'm gonna find you and kill you, understabnd!

anyways dozou

TV Guide 2006/02/25-2006/03/03

Jr calendar KAT-TUN:
Jr. calendar 2006-2007

Thanks for letting me know I edited the hmtl now all pages and images work fine.