February 22nd, 2006

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Firstly, hi. I'm San, I'm not new, I've never (I think) introduced myself & I really don't comment much. But I always watch. :3 (Thanks to this community that I got my KAT-TUN stuff in time too~ ♥)

It's the grand opening!

Cy&I have been tossing around the idea of a KAT-TUN informational site for a while. So well - we did it. It's not complete; currently only the profiles of the members & band are up (as well as technical pages), but we are absolutely going to be adding more & more to the site, as well as opening up the forum. So keep an eye on it, because there will be more added. =D I'm sorry it's pretty bare bones, but we had to rush (between midterms & work) to get it up for the "one month before KAT-TUN debuts" deadline. Are we crazy? Yes, yes we are.


Enjoy it!

For the sake of not being annoying (advertisements tend to be, I think~), no graphics were added to this post. :D

Mods, if you find this post in need of being deleted, please do so. :x

And third,

KAT-TUN's "Gloria" from their 10.01 KAT-TUN Da! (please right click & save, don't stream =D). 'cause I really felt too guilty to post this without SOMETHING, & Gloria is such a gorgeous song. Really. ♥ Though I guess everyone might have it already ;O;