February 20th, 2006

NEWS // Yamashita Tomohisa - Studious

Johnnies icons

Some colourful icons this time round!!

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- Yamashita Tomohisa (3)
- KAT-TUN's Akame (12)

- Ueto Aya (7)
- Morning Musume (24)
- Hello! Project soloists (5)


more icons @ cyndesign

Jin's Utawara "Ha-Ha" mp3 rip

Hey everyone~! I ripped just Jin's solo from the recent Utawara and thought some of you might like it~ I know jisatsuganbou just posted the full thing, but if you're like me and would rather not sit through bits of She Said to get to the good stuff, here it is! :D

Jin - Ha-Ha (utawara live)

Let me knw if it runs out or anything!

As a side note, did Jimmy Mackey really help with the lyrics, or am I just hearing crazy rumors? XD

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hi..i'm new here..well kind of..love kattun but LOVE akakame so much..really wish that they r honest with each other..anyways does anyone know who is the original singer of ai no senorita which kattun sang it 4 salsa medley at their concert live in kaizokuban..n if anyone have the song, can u tell me where to get it's mp3..thanxxx