February 19th, 2006

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Hey everyone, I'm in need of some KAT-TUN's songs after watching Kaizokuban. 
Does anyone have Harukana, Le Ciel and this song which I do not know the title (but the lyrics is like K.A.T.T.U.N T.T.U.N etc. =_=) Found the first 2 thanks to cabernet_shiraz! ^___^

Anyone has Peaceful Days?
Thanks to anyone who can help me to upload them! =D

[caps and vidlink] Matchy and KAT-TUN

image credits: http://blog.naver.com/snownara
video credit: http://26.to/akame-lover/

edited: Solved. Thanks to all those who responded, he's no longer the mystery guy. XP LOL. Found the video. I think you may need to sign up, though. ^^;

影檔】050215 近藤真彦Live (KAT-TUN)

The video is probably only partial, since I couldn't find where the caps came from. XP But it's the same person. He's singing "Seishun Amigo." XP It's from Zoom In 06.02.15. ^__^

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