February 17th, 2006

Devils Beside You

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ok well i hope this is ok and i haven't posted here before XD if any of those please feel free to poke and slap me......then delete this entry XD!!

ok well i have a community.....it's all_japanese.....and as you've guessed it it's to do with anything japanese....and i mean ANYTHING!!

today i posted up an icon challange to see how it would go and thought this would be a good time for advertising XD

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so come join in....and start posting

just one more thing XD could everyone joining please read through the user info for the rules and what were about XD thanks

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[fanvideo Akame] and my introduction =P

Hello is my first post, i´m a fan of KAT-TUN also, and my favourite member is Kazuya Kamenashi *-* (love him a lot!! ) , well the first time i know about them was in Shonen Club, a few years ago, when in a episode, Tackey and Tsubasa were the guest , well KAT-TUN were his backdancers...Kame got my attention right then =P...i dont know something about him really atracted me *-*...(i was in love with Tackey back then), well then i didnt watch the show in so many years after ;_;...a friend of mine lend a videos, and after watch a Koichi Domoto perfomance in PopJam where KAT-TUN at his backdancers, i almost scream for the excitement...there he was *-* all cute...i love the way he moves his body...

Well, after that i search for info about them in the web, but nothing ;_; until the end of 2005 *-* where i find them!!!!

Enough of words =P jejjee, hope to make more friends here ^^ i´m waiting for the debut also *.* after 5 years....


(this is a fanvideo i made, the first time i do something like that, i reedited using the full song ^^, so hope you like it ^^