February 16th, 2006

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HMV Japan has the single, album and DVD up for ordering.

And a different track list for the album than the one that was posted here earlier

She Said...
Never Again
I Like It
Blue Tuesday
Wilds Of My Heart
One On One
Rush Of Light
ハルカナ約束 (Harukana Yakusoku)
Precious One
Real Face#2 (only on the regular version, not the one in the box set)

The single has 6 different limited versions and one regular version. The limited version has Real Face and Gloria and the regular version has Real Face, Gloria and Will Be All Right.

There is also a special box with single, album and DVD. The special box and the limited editions of the single are already sold out at HMV Japan.

Amazon.co.jp doesn't have anything about the special box or the limited edition of the singles, though the single and the album are up for preordering. There is nothing at CDJapan yet.

Second Edit:
Amazon Japan has the Special Box for preordering.

Third Edit:
See here for chibifuji's explanation about the Special Box and the two different version's of the album. Thank you for the infos.

Jin and Kame Worst dates

these clips are really old..
but i have uploaded them for another forum and din want them to go to waste

basically the jin one is about him and this granny and kame is with some vampires who want to suck his blood.

ridiculous, yesh i know
but entertaining.

i particularly love the jin's date =)

they come with chinese subs

jin's date


kame's date


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