February 15th, 2006

making of anego~

happy valentine's day!!!

minna san, i got a small lil request..
i wonder if anyone has the subbed version of the making of anego...
i once had it but lost it when my com crashed
so i would really appreciate it if someone uploads the subbed version
chinese or eng will suffice.

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drinking scandal cleared..




Credit: Sanspo

Jyannis Jimusho have claimed the report has no evidence and is discrediting the article, saying that it is clearly a fabrication. Jyannis will be taking legal action Tokyo district courts against the tabloid magazine "Shikan Josei", laying charges for defamation and will be asking for compensation.

The alleged picture was taken by Kame's uncle in July 2003, while at his grandfather's house in Tochigiken. The beer belonged to his grandfather.

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kame || ♥

[vid] seishun amigo best artist 2005 reup

hey guys! here's a reup of the seishun amigo performance :D it's just to review it's 225mb on YSI
and for screen caps you can go to the original post: http://community.livejournal.com/kattunlove/309104.html

reupped 02/16/06 you can find the link at the original post

enjoy! [comments are always welcome :D]

*edit* i also added a reup for the music station performance in case the other one runs out T-T you can find it on the original post!

*runs off to class to take bio quiz*
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I'm sorry if someone has posted scans for this already, but I have some KAT-TUN scans from March Wink Up at my journal~ ^-^;

( cuuuut to my journal~ )

sorry if you see me posting like a mad woman on your f-page! :x
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