February 14th, 2006

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Here's the article about Kame, supposedly. I am sceptical because the magazine is supposed to be sold on February 28th, right?

"In summer '03, when Kamenashi-kun was 17, he went on a date with A-san, and this is the picture she took with her mobile."
This is what a friend who knows A-san very well tells. A-san is a fan of Kamenashi and has been said to have seen Kamenashi off to work and pick him up afterwards.
"On that day, Kamenashi had the whole day off, and after they went shopping, apparently they went to eat something."
In front of Kamenashi you can see a small dish and a glass with beer poured into it.
"It seems he often complained about his work, and without ??? [AN: I can't decipher the kanji here] he ordered alcohol for himself and appeared to be quite used to drinking. He preferred hard alcohol. Of course, he is underage (bitter smile)."
He wears a refreshing tanktop and a cute hat. He wears exactly the same hat in the KAT-TUN picture collection which is on sale in book shops right now and matches the look of the Kamenashi at that time perfectly.
"Kamenashi depends on other people skillfully and boasted that he could make anyone allow him anything. On that day too, A-san seems to have paid for their food. She has a lot more photos of Kamenashi-kun on her cellphone, she showed me a lot of them."
Because Kamenashi minded the looks from people, they met at different places every time, Shibuya, Omotesandô, Aoyama and Roppongi. It's not wrong to assume that they had a secret relationship, since he let her take these photos when there were just the two of them in a private room. But there has been the case of Uchi Hiroki, who got dead drunk and was taken into custody, and in succession, the case of Kusano Hironori, because of whom it has been decided that NEWS will stop activity. Kamenashi doesn't have the glass at his mouth, but it is a fact that in the same case of Kusano Hironori, it was said that "it is an attitude that invites misunderstanding". Furthermore, just a few days ago, there was the case of a former Morning Musume [AN: One girl of W who was discovered smoking].
We should become aware that the behaviour of popular idols is without doubt very influental on boys and girls.
KAT-TUN who will complete their long awaited, five years since the group was made, debut on March 22nd. Roughly one month earlier, on February 23rd, Kamenashi will finally have his 20th birthday when he can drink alcohol legally.

(Translation by Ricci, Hadaka no Johnny's)
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[vid] best artist 2005 shuuji to akira - seishun amigo

hey guys! here's something to take your minds off the stupid kame tabloid. it's yamapi and kame performing seishun amigo at i believe best artist 2005

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and so thanks to chibifuji for uploading my request. i didn't want to waste the links here they are. it's kat-tun's performance at music station of freeze and seiten no hekireki. highly recommended [sorry junno fans he's not in this perf. for some reason] download it just to see kat-tun getting wet! :D

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comments are always welcome :D

*edit* (02/15/06) reupped both performances! have fun!
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