February 13th, 2006

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[req] MS 08/19/2005 Freeze & Seiten Medley

hey everyone! i have a small request T-T sorrie! doesn't anyone have the 71.44 mb version of KAT-TUN at Music Station. It's the Freeze and Seiten Medley where it starts to rain at the end. i'm trying to dl it off Bitorrent but it's not connecting at all! Thanks to anyone who can help me XD it's my favorite medley!! thanks!!

Shounen Club 2005.01.09 KAT-TUN - Fly ---> 36.1mb
credit: je.regret-less.org

i'll also upload Shuuji To Akira Seishun Amigo [Best Artists 2005 - 2005.11.30] ---> 225mb version for anyone who wants it!

thanks a lot!!
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Which SC episode is this?

Hi, there is a question that has been driving me mad these few days, and I hope some kind-hearted soul can just help me out...
There is an SC episode where Kame sang the song "Nemurenai" and at the end of the song, someone (I don't remember who) was actually sleeping at the back and said that Kame's singing made him unable to sleep, or something like that.
I saw the caps from somewhere but I just can't recall where, that's why it's driving me crazy, sighz...
Hope someone can help tell me which episode that is, thanks :)
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young akame acapella

hey guys i didn't want to waste an upload link. i think there's a couple days left on it! this is from their younger years.. akame acapella together and yamapi decides whether they get crowned or not. XD really cute even though it's like.. in 2002 or 2003 or something :D koki and nakamaru are in it too :d enjoy!

http://s29.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=01W91V0OL63NS149XZYGBND9I4 [YSI --> 02/08/06]
credit: je.regret-less.org

p.s. kame didn't do it!! darn those tabloid magazines.
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