February 10th, 2006


1 small Request

Does anyone have their full clip of Kat-tuns's "Bed Time Skit?"
I had it before but I don't have it now -_____-"

No clubbox though, cuz I can't download from there

Thanks in advance!
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Maru's hips don't lie
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I'm a n00b...T.T

Mello Everyone!!!

Well...it was about 24 hours ago that I hadn't the clue who KAT-TUN was....

But my good friend konzatsu Showed me the light!!!

Oh how bright it is!!! ::is so happy::
All so hot and talented!!!

Btw....would anyone have the Song "GOLD" but the ballad version...so annoying to keep re-opening YOUTUBE to press repeat....::happy sigh::
Jin's voice in that gives me goosebumpies

Thanks for letting me join!!!

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    Gold[ballad version] - KAT-KUN [damn youtube!]