February 9th, 2006

***Johnnys Countdown 2005 to 2006 Concert - Uchiwas***

We have the following goods for sale. Limited stock only!



1) Nino

2) Ohno

3) Matsujun

4) Aiba


1) Kame

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(no subject)

Haha, these are really old (from 2003). I'm not sure if anybody wants them or hasn't seen them before. But my friend wanted to see them :3. I'm not sure what show these are from. They have Korean subs, which is yay for me but I don't know if that is yay for anybody else xD.

In this one, Koki gives Maru a 'yellow card' for being late all the time. And then Ueda gives Kame a yellow card for touching his butt xD. And then he says he likes touching Ueda's butt because it's small. And that when he is holding the mike with his left hand, his right hand gets lonely. Ueda then says that Kame strokes (?) his butt but Kame denies that. And Yamapi also complains about Jin eating his favorite food when he's not looking. :3.

This time, instead of the requests being from other members, the viewers get to send them. Kame is brought forth again and is asked what he was looking for in one of the earlier performances. Ans then they provide a clip ;3. He says that he was just playing by himself. Hasegawa Jun is then called and requested to be caught on camera more and to blow a kiss. And then KAT-TUN + NEWs members blow kisses at the camera. And then they all congratulate Kame for what he did at the end ^^.