February 5th, 2006



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The first screencap is from Ueda to Junno, while the second is from Yabu to Ueda. I desperately need to know the first one, because OMGJUNDA. I forgot the date of the Shounen Club episode, but it's that one where they had Daisuke Ishigaki play for them.

For more screencaps, click here.

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hey minna, i was wondering if someone could help me out. i'm looking for the subbed and/or karaoke versions of the seishun amigo pv (by shuuji to akira). if anyone has them and is willing to upload for me i will most grateful! i've seen the subbed version on youtube so i know its exists, i dunno about karaoke ver. but i thought i'd put that out there.

kame in kimpachi

found this in youtube super cute chibi kame


i was wondrin if this is his first series.  hope you'll all enjoy it as much as i did
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Hi :D

I was just wondering if anyone has the mp3 version of Seishun Amigo either by Kame alone or by both Kame/Pi (I prefer the one with Kame alone, but meh XD) and is willing to share it :3

I'm sorry if this has been posted before. Thanks in advance!

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