January 30th, 2006

Sengoku Basara // date rilakkuma


March 22nd at Tokyo Prince Hotel
Apparently, the debut song will be "She Said" - ahh no, correction:

On March 22nd a new record company, J-One Records (of J Storm), will release the debut single will be entitled "Real Face" (EDIT)"Real Force", lyrics written by Suga Shikao (EDIT) Sugakashio (yozora no mukou) and music by Matsumoto Tak from B'z. Also, DVD of Real Force as well as "Best of KAT-TUN" album will be released.
There will be 34 concerts in 9 cities, starting on the 17th March.

I really hope these rumours aren't rumours and they're for REAL!! I found this out from here and the original Japanese article is from here.

You can also read this at J-Web for offical notices. (thanks marron9 for the additional info!)

Minna-san let's all pray that this is true and our beloved KAT-TUN will finally debut! Whee!! ITS TRUE!!

- ok kiddies, I'm hearing that the single is actually "Real Face".
- lol I misspelt Suga Shikao's name cos I was spazzing XDDD
- I found out that the guy from B'z is actually Matsumoto Tak. What a great musical combination! :D
- In their concert tour, KAT-TUN will also appear at Tokyo Dome!!
- there is also an article at Sanspo that you can read here

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KAT-TUN : debut graphics

i`ve been lurking around for a while ;
so why not make my first post as a graphic contribution =D
so.. . .. . KAT-TUN`S DEBUTING!!

i made ; in celebration of this . . .
a header image,
an lj icon for each member
& a random line ~> that you can put in your userinfo??

please go : here for the graphics!

~ahhh i`m still jumping at the news =DD
~> SINGLE . ALBUM . DVD .. . . my goddddddd!!

sorry for my bad postings ;
i`m still kind of new to this, sorry!

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Kame on Utawara

Now for something completely different...

Or at least unrelated to KAT-TUN debuting ^_^

Kame performing Seishun Amigo solo on Utawara 06/01/29. It's a nice change. And I left Matsujun on at the end simply because he's so adorkable here. WMV format because that's all I know how to make. I can upload the entire episode too if anyone really wants it. (Just realized this was essentially uploaded earlier through cb. Maybe someone will upload that cut through MU, but until then, here's mine. ^_^)

So here you go...Comment if you take. ^_^

EDIT: Now with YSI Uploads
Re-up to YSI

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KAT-TUN Spring Tour 2006!

Firstly, おめでとうぅぅぅぅ to KAT-TUN for finally debuting!!!! (^O^)y

Just a bit of quick info on their single 'Real Face' I got off a Sanspo article, apparently it's gonna be rock mixed with hip-hop.... so basically like She Said? Well, sounds similar by that. Definitely ain't no ballad. XD About their debut, Kame said, "Although we were only told 1 week ago [that we'd be debuting], 'Has it come at last?' is what I thought." (LMAOOOO I can so picture it.... "YOU-tachi, debut!!" XD) Jin said, "As for our target, naturally it's to be no.1 on Oricon." They are so gonna have a monopoly of Oricon, 1st in single, album AND dvd... *diesss* ♥

ANYWAY, here are the dates for KAT-TUN's 'Spring Tour 2006' (wowww, what an imaginative name... *dies*) in case anyone needs them, they're off Johnny's net so they're definitely official. :)

Btw, the Tokyo Dome concert ISN'T part of the tour, it's a one-off for their debut, March 17th at 6pm. That place is friggin' HUGE, personally I'd rather go to one of the smaller cons, but damnnnn that one would be so awesome. *O*

KAT-TUN 'Spring Tour 2006' Dates!!

March 28-30th --> Osaka-jo Hall
April 1-2nd --> Hiroshima Green Arena
April 4-5th --> Nagoya Rainbow Hall
April 8-9th --> Marinemesse Fukuoka
April 15-16th --> Ishikawa industrial exhibition hall
April 22-23rd --> Grande 21 (Miyagi?)
April 29-30th --> Sapporo Ice Arena
May 3-7th --> Yokohama Arena

Damnnnnnnnnn the all-last show at Yokohama Arena is like my dream. *diesssss* XD
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