January 29th, 2006

ShOhno Kiss

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*leans out with shyness*

Er... Hi, everyone!! *waves*

Well, I'm from Spain and I'm searching the Myojo February 2006 issue on the net, but I can't find it *puppy eyes* Please, could somebody tell me where to find it (it has to be a place that delivers to Europe, of course) or buy it for me? I'm totally fair, I promise. I always pay.

I would totally love you.

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[VID]Kame On Utawara 2006.01.29

I cut out the talk and perf of seishun amigo that kame performed in this week's utawara ^__^

Clubbox: Kame Perf - Seishun Amigo

Clubbox: Kame Talk

furthermore, there was a T&T performance and talk, in which kat-tun crashed XD they ran in w/ the fangirl crowd behind T&T and started dancing with them XD so cute!

Clubbox: Takki & Tsubasa Perf - Venus

Clubbox: Takki & Tsubasa Talk

+credit Prettyboys Forum

hope minna downloads and enjoys!

Translation Request

Hey :)

I'm new to the community and to KAT-TUN, I've always been more of a Kanjani8 fan XD

I recently got into KAT-TUN (Ueda Love) and I came across a Shounen Club video that I only got the gist of (my Japanese is mediocre) and I was just wondering if anyone would be able to give me a translation for it. I'm thinking of subbing the vid, with credit to both the source and translator of course.

Link to video: http://s52.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0ARNIO6HR3MDR2LR3L5TM1P24Y [new link]
Shounen Club - 2003-09-14
Info: Kimi ni Hitokoto Iimashou. A member from each band says something to another member. It's like the "follow up" of another Kimi ni Hitokoto Iimashou (SC 2003-06-08). Basically it's: Junno to Ohkura, Koki to Hina and Ueda to Ryo.

If you need a re-upload, just comment :)
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Adding to the love...

Here's my contribution to the KAT-TUN debut celebration...

Collapse )

So I guess MatsuJun really WAS hinting at a debut on last week's Utawara! <3 I hope there's a lot of hype on this week's episode. ^_^ I'm going to pre-order as soon as possible! And on a site that gives it to Oricon as well... I'm gonna bet that they'll debut at the #1 spot for both albums! How exciting!
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