January 27th, 2006

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hello Minna i just came by to tell you That i just Love Utawara... on the 22nd Takki and Tsubasa sang VENUS *toki-toki* Kattun sang SHE SAID.... jun said that he wanted to sing.. >o< !!! it was amazing ! so i took some screencaps.

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Hi, to all I'm a new fan of Kat-Tun. My favorite member is Jin (those hips). I was interested in them after seeing Jin's worst date clip,and I just had to know more about them so here I am! I lovey the songs I've heard so far. I don't really know much about them so any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello! =]
I'm Crystal. I've been lurking around for quite some time...
And...I..like the rest of this community..likes KAT-TUN(or so I hope..).
And...well, I am not ashamed to admit that when I first found out about KAT-TUN I thought '...wtf..girly men.....', (please don't hurt me...)BUT NOW I am completely in love with with them all! Hah...I really shouldn't have said that in the first place, huh?
Well anyways! I come bearing crappy icons! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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minna minna minna~

im so sorry to make this request..but my com crashed 2 days ago and i had to reformat it...meaning that all the kat-tun stuff i bulit up over the years are gone...yes..gone =(... which is an absolute nightmare coz i was plannin to back up all my stuff during the comin weekend
while im still mourning the loss of my clips, may i ask for a tinny winnny request?
can anyone recommend me any good sites for downloading the kat-tun performances like the shounen club performances, (esp the old ones)
clubbox, ysi, filefront and MU are fine by me...except for rapidshare which totally hates my guts =(
im particularly looking for a HQ performance by KAT-TUN that they performed in MS last year..i tink they sang freeze and another song where water keeps raining down on them while they were performing..
that was my absolute fav clip which i have been watchin religiously before i go to bed...but now... =( =(
thanks minna for ur help coz i have to tryin to get my some of my clips but to no avail..:s
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