January 25th, 2006

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My (not really good though) Introduce

I still haven't introduced me, although I'm a member for quite a while now...
I'm really sorry for that.

Okay.. ähm... yeah, I'm from Germany. I know KAT-TUN, well, since half a year now? Probably around this time. A friend of mine had there last concert, and gave it to me and my roommate. Actually we first didn't liked it, but we had really lots of fun to watch it, so we watched it again.... and again.... and again... well and then we noticed that they're actually really good singers, and good dancers... and damn they're not bad looking... well, you see, suddenly we thought that this was a great band.

I was really shocked and kinda confused, when my roommate told me that you can't buy any CDs of KAT-TUN. I thought it was really unusual, because they seemed to had a lot os fans though.
So I still wait for their debut. *hopes they will have it soon*

Okay, I think that's it for now. Hmm.. I haven't answerded the "who's-your-fav"-question, but well... you see, first I liked Kame and Jin, then I thought that Junno is realy cut and handsome, and Ueda looks so beautiful with black hair and I really like his voice, and Kôki is to cute (esp. after I saw the Summary backstage thing) and Nakamaru doesn't look bad either... so well... I liek them all, don't have a favourite. ^^

Hmm... I have to go to university now. Ähm, sorry for this bad introduce! *really bad at such things* v.v
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[fic] A Spiderweb of Myths (Completed)

Okay now that I'm finally finished, it's time to heavily pimp my fic. Gomen to minna who's friends pages are totally killed by my xpost spam ^^;;;

Series: A Spiderweb of Myths
Total Chapters: Twelve (Three Arcs, Four Chapters Per Arc)
Author: Fuji
Pairing: pi/jin/kame in various combinations (no threesomes sorry)
Rating: R
Warnings: yaoi, swearing, violence, angst
Disclaimer: boys aren't mine :) the story is purely fictional.

(Daphne Arc)

Explanation: Daphne was a nymph that the Greek god Apollo fell in love with after Cupid struck him with an arrow. Daphne did not love Apollo, who chased her until, out of desperation, she prayed and became a tree.

Chapter One: The Fall|Chapter Two: The Flight|Chapter Three: The Chase|Chapter Four: The Trap

(Helen Arc)

Explanation: Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, ran away with Paris, prince of Troy. Her husband, King Menelaus, with the rest of Greece, waged a 10 year war with Troy. Finally, thanks to the Trojan Horse, Greece conquered Troy. Helen was returned to her husband.

Chapter One: The Stolen|Chapter Two: The War|Chapter Three: The Horse|Chapter Four: The Victory

(Eurydice Arc)

Explanation: Orpheus and Eurydice were in love, but a snake bit Eurydice and she died. Orpheus went down to Hades to get her back out. He was given a condition. On his journey up to the surface, Orpheus was not allowed to turn around and look at Eurydice. He just had to trust that she was following him.

Chapter One: The Hell|Chapter Two: The Song|Chapter Three: The Test|Chapter Four: The Decision

all found in my ficjournal lovesfootprints

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