January 24th, 2006

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7. Try to introduce yourself after you join! PLEASE! ^_^

^ because it said that ^^*

ahaha...but then it feels wrong not to T.T;
so i was surfing the web and lj to see KATTUN and how they were doing because i tend to love reading news about pretty boys and learning fun facts ^^;; and also because i watched Nobuta wo Produce so that motivated me to look up KATTUN again because i knew about them before but not in depth...

like how i love Junno's smile v_v; and Jin's cuteness and Kame's coolness

and blah :x

so anyways :S!! onto introductions ^^;

hey everyone :) my names Amy and i've just started knowing KATTUN (feel free to post fun facts about them XD; i lack knowledge in that department) and NewS just to add in Yamashita. I've only listened to one song from KATTUN however. It's by Kame called Kizuna, so i really don't know their vocal talents alot...
and i've only watched Nobuta wo Produce so i'm a NEW NEW NEW fan to them ^^*
but i've decided to go download crazy one night and downloaded some things off these KATTUN sites and also jpop.bww2.com and they were just SO FUN ._.v

^^* ah well my favorites...i don't know >>; i like random things they do but nothing attracts me except for Junnosuke's smile thus far ._.;

:x but but but...yeah i have NO IDEA what to say ^^;
aha...uhm...i'm going to go now :X

but i want to say thank you to Ame for making a community like this for KATTUN fans ^^.

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