January 22nd, 2006

TR besuto

Utawara Performance

Hello! I know it's only been up for less than a day, but has anyone seen the latest Utawara performance (it was on Sunday 11/22)? I wanted to cap it but my comp's being screwy...

All the boys have dyed their hair black! It took a few shots to realize it, but they've all gone the way of Kame, jet black.

When I get it working I'll try to upload their performance with Tacky & Tsubasa. They sang "She Said"; it was so good to hear that again. ^_^

EDIT: OK, most of them. Junno's is very dark brown, and Koki's is dark as well. But Nakamaru definately changed his, Uebo's always had dark hair, and Jin's back to black. (I like it better that way. ^_^)
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Question about Myojo Feb 06

Hey there guys!!

I just want to ask something about Myojo Feb 2006 issue.

For the people who bought a copy of it did you receive a Kat-tun DVD box?

I can't read japanese so I don't know if my assumption is true. It seems to me that Myojo's gifts are the News jewelry fan seal and pin-up and Kat-tun DVD box... I saw the News items but don't see the box... Is is supposed to be free or do you have to win it?

The box is indicated in the cover box... Too bad I can't read Japanese.
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