January 21st, 2006

Sengoku Basara // date rilakkuma

a gift of a noob XD

I'm a newbie here, and I've only been into JE for about 2 weeks X_x I watched Nobuta no Produce and suddenly I'm a fangirl XD Seriously, I've only got dial-up internet yet I've downloaded over 1gig of clips and performances in one week! XD My favourite is Junno!! Anyway, I have a gift for all of you~

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( 17 Kat-tun icons and more )

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Old News

Last night I was looking around the internet for some news. I found some old news from last year that I hadn't heard before. I read it on Japan Zone Entertainment News (link below).
Jin Akanishi - November 2005
• Popular singer Uehara Takako (21) and Johnny's Jimusho star Akanishi Jin (21) were spotted on a date recently. The two were recently photographed in a romantic clinch outside a Chinese restaurant by the weekly gossip magazine Friday. But according to a Johnny's spokesperson, they have since broken up. Uehara became a teenage star as a member of the idol pop group Speed, while Akanishi is one of the six young singers who make up Kat-Tun.

I also saw some new having to do with other popular groups

July 2005
***note - The article does not mention what member of NEWS is involved - probably cause of his age***
The media have been surprised at the reletively light punishment given to Fuji TV staff involved in the recent scandal where an underage member of the popular group News was detained by police for drunken behavior. The group had been special guests in Sendai at a game played by national women's volleyball team, after which the 18-year old was taken out dining and drinking by Fuji TV staff till the early morning. The company said that announcer Kikuma Yukino (33) and nine others will have their salaries docked. Kikuma will not appear on her regular morning show slot this week, and may be removed from the show altogether. The station received thousands of calls from irate viewers and many thousands more complaints on its website after the incident became known, most complaining that the punishment was too light. The case is so high profile that even the Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission made a public statement condemning both the behavior of the adults involved in the incident and the company's response. Meanwhile, the 18-year old's place in the 8-man group has been taken by Taguchi Junnosuke(19), a member of fellow Johnny's Jimusho group Kat-Tun.

O_o <<< me "when the hell did this happen?"

I just thought you guys would want to see what I had read.

----more from that article------

• Meanwhile, a juvenile members of the Johnny's group News was taken into protective custody yesterday after being found drinking in a park in Sendai. As he was uner the legal drinking age of 20, police gave him a severe warning before releasing him. He did not appear on the following evening's edition of "Music Station" with his fellow group members. The 8-member group are currently among the most popular in the all-male Johnny's stable of idol groups, and have had a string of No.1's in the year or so since their major debut. They were in Sendai as "special supporters" of the Japan women's volleyball team, who played Canada in the World Grand Prix on Friday. July 16, 2005
++++There was also a small article on some older Johnny's guys turning to crime :

May 2005 news
Former Pop Idols Turn to Crime
Two former members of the Johnny's Junior idol group were among a trio arrested this week on robbery charges. The two unemployed 19-year olds were not named as they are juveniles. Also arrested was a 24-year old, though there are believed to have been others involved in the criminal gang, including other former JJ members. The group stole about ¥310,000 in cash from a 55-year old company worker on his way home on the night of April 6, leaving him with slight injuries. They are suspected in several other cases of "oyaji-gari" (hunting middle-aged men) as well as about 30 safe-breaking cases in western Tokyo, amassing about ¥3 million in ill-gotten gains. The former pop idols said that they had grown tired of the rigorous and hectic entertainment business and just wanted to hang out with friends
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