January 18th, 2006

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Help!! I need helping finding out the name of 2 songs I know they sang on some Shounen Club.

One song says in it "Can you listen to the beat and shout, oh oh!" -- I'm pretty sure.

And the other has "K-A-T-T-U-N-" etc. They are repeating** their name and adding on to it and stuff throughout the song.

Any ideas what these songs are called? Please?~ Thanks!!

Thanks notfoundyet, izukura, jailnaziking, & cabernet_shiraz!! ^^



Download an Ojyamanbou clip from 2006-01-14 of KAT-TUN competing to be titled the best boy.

They're put into situations like "Your girlfriend sends you a text message saying she wants to break up." and their answers are judged by MatsuJun. This first situation is seperated into the Kame team (Kame, Nakamaru, Junnosuke) and the Akanishi Team (Jin, Koki, Ueda). Their answers made me go o_O

The second situation is like "What would you do if your girlfriend made a cake for you that tastes really bad." In this situation, Jin was Nakamaru's girlfriend, Ueda was Junnosuke's girlfriend, and Koki was Kame's girlfriend. Might I add that Koki is the most manliest girlfriend I've ever laid eyes upon.

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Length: 7:17
Size: 65 MB

And I'm going to plug my CLUBBOX because more people need to download from there. I'm trying to get all my Shounen Clubs uploaded..So check it out!
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Ueda Tatsuya Pictures

Hey all KAT-TUN community fans :)
I was just wondering where I could get some recent shots of Ueda Tatsuya from ... I've been meaning to make a banner and some avatars of the him (because he is one of my favourite KAT-TUN members) but i don't have any good pictures of him. So if anyone has some or could direct me to pictures i'll be heaps greatful!
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Translated some interview with Jin

Nyan... I know I'm REALLY BAD at Japanese but I did that for a friend~ I translated the interview with Jin from the Potato Oktober 2005~ I know there are many mistakes~ but i think it should be more or less somewhere right xD there are two or three sentences i didn't translate but~ i hope you don't mind ^^''' If you find any mistakles please tell me~ i would be very gratefull~ (and thanks to somebody from a japanese community for the help~ x3) ~ and please comment~ neee~

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Not all members got the same questions~ so if you want to know what somebody else answered to several questions I could look if they had this question also~ but i don'T think i'll translate the whole interview again~ only for ueda~ but that'll take long long time~ *did this interview in around 2 weeks* u.u
Just one last info! I'M NOT SURE WITH ANY OF THIS TRANSLATIONS (expect of this with what he does before and after sleeping xD)