January 17th, 2006

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[fic] Rough Love

Rough Love
by Alexeil

Paring: Ueda x Junno
Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 1 of 2

Notes: This is probably one of the least planned fics I’ve ever written. But after watching 01/15/06’s Utawara and seeing Ueda mercilessly smack Junno over the head several times, with both hands, and Junno smile through the entire thing, I couldn’t resist writing this. Also it brought to mind the recent photo shoot in which Ueda and Junno are paired for a group of photos and there’s one of Ueda kneeing Junno in the ass. The timeline is doubtlessly off a bit, I have no clue when they shot that photo shoot, but that’s not really important…Stand alone fic; not related to any of my others. All my completed fics are at orange_petals

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Warning! Fake Photobooks on YesAsia

I thought I'd just warn minna about the fake photobooks for sale at yesasia.com

So far there have been three fake ones,

KAT-TUN Kamenashi Kazuya - Complete Otakara Photo File

Twenty years Old Kame Photo Album (Simplified Version)

Cyan Sky Jin Photo Album (Simplified Version)

The kame ones are more difficult to detect but if you look closely, the author is "Kamenshi Kazuya" not "Kamenashi Kazuya". The Jin one is more obvious because the title is "Chi Xi Ren"... which is a direct mandarin pronounciation of Jin's Kanji Characters.

Please don't be fooled into thinking these are original photobooks. They are not. The pictures are probably stolen from other places. The cover of the Jin and 20 years Kame photobooks are both stolen from magazines.


Just because they are fake doesn't mean that they aren't nice. I haven't seen any of them, but I have ordered two of them, fully aware that they are fake. They are unlikely to be never seen before pictures, but they are still on photopaper. And some chinese black market stuff is really nice =P

So I'm not saying to not order them, just making sure you guys know what you are ordering.

Hope this is okay and didn't piss anyone off for its length ^^;;;

i will sort of xpost to the other relevant lj communities.
NEWS & Kanjani∞ Fan desu♥

Seeking the help of Kame-chan fans!

Hi, fellow KAT-TUN fans! (.^_^.) I wanted to make a Friends banner with one of my friends, and I'm in need of a good picture of Kame-chan with Ryo-chan. There is such a thing right? *scratches head* They're good friends so I thought they might have a picture together. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help. (.^_^.)
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