January 16th, 2006

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Kat-tun Perf + Sport Downloads

First off, I cut out the Kat-tun performance and talk from yesterday's Utawara

The perf is with swords and akame sing the rock version of kizuna. ^__^ i like it :)

Clubbox: Perf 70mb
Clubbox: Talk 30mb

+credit jpopsuki for full, my cut, and prettyboys forum

Secondly, there was a rematch in volleyball between Kame and J. Jr against the Haramekin Gold

Clubbox: Volleyball 260mb

Then they played a game of super dodgeball! Kame was just on the sidelines for this, which I was glad because he looked really tired. They still showed him more than any of the actual players tho :P

Some of J. Jr were really amazing in this game! I think taiyou (?) from ABC did a flip throw... too bad he couldn't aim =P but a couple of the others were awesome! =O

Clubbox: Dodgeball 230mb

+credit jbh and pbf :)

and since I again abused the hell out of my bandwidth there will be no ysi. i hopes that minna would like to support our clubbox in the first place because it is on the verge of dying! :(

hope minna enjoys =) i know i loved them to deaths :)
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Some videos I found on my comp. XD I know that azarashi wanted some of them so.. up for grabs as long as the links are available!

Jin hugging Hikaru (Pattaya 2003)
Deadly cute. :o

Kame Ero-Ero;ing

JinJin almost showing his pee-pee on Hadaka

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Adding on to kittycat02's idea

HI all.... this is just to add on to kittycat02's idea abt wanting KAT-TUN to debut real fast... soooo, she was thinking of sending MORE mails over to JE.... and, i also added in my suggestion. Hope i can post here... if not pls tell me and i will delete this off. =)

actually below was my reply to the her idea. xtinox suggested that i should post up here for everyone to read... keke... so, i cut and paste my post here... doozo... =)

i have an idea to go with this... dunno if u gals will agree.. just suggesting... ^^

how about one of us design a picture with words on saying that we hope that KAT-TUN can debut. something like a picture of KAT-TUN, with a few words like, "LET KAT-TUN DEBUT!" and the picture plus the words must be super catchy... (maybe can also add KATTUNLOVE to show that we are from this live journal, indicate somewhere on the picture too. plus our website add. keke...)

after that, we all print the picture out individually and write notes that we want to tell KAT-TUN on the back of the picture... plus of cos our data to show that we are real fans. To make it more obvious, we send these picture as a form of postcard...

my reasons behind all these are:
1) we can all send individually.. so can avoid the problem of sending a big package and get rejected...

2) since the picture and purpose are the same... it is to show that we are doing it as a group...

3) with our data behind plus our different handwriting, it shows that we are real fans and not just sending a lot by the same fan...

4) since we are sending it as a postcard, it is easier to show that we are sending the same thing when they are sorting the many many letters from all the JE fans.

5) since the stamp on the "postcard" is different it means that we are doing this kinda online... (i believe we all are from different countries. =>)and it also can show that they have fans all over the world... i believe they will be glad to know that...

6) lastly, i think that since we are printing individually, our paper texture is different and the different printers that we use will make the picture differ a little or so... (i think) which shows that each of us (KAT-TUN fans) are making an effort to make this plan works.

wow.... i feel like im writing a report or something... but this is really FUN!!! oh... i cant design the picture for sure bcos my art isnt good... maybe someone can volunteer. =)

hmmm, how is this proposal?? keke...