January 12th, 2006

New here :)

Hey all KAT-TUN fans! I'm only a recent KAT-TUN fan and i just joined a couple of days ago and thought i should say hi :)

My favourite songs from KAT-TUN are :My angel, you are angel, precious one and she said. XD
I've seen a some of their performances and thought that they're really good. I wasn't that into KAT-TUN before and was more into NEWS but then Ueda Tatsuya's performance of 'Love in snow' got me interested. (Ueda love <3)

This is an icon i made from the caps i took of Gokusen 2. Jin looks so kawaii here :)

This is Junno, the pic i used was from Ganbatte Ichimasshoi (good drama!)

This is Kame, one of my faves in KAT-TUN. :)

Sorry the icons are very basic, i'm not very good at making them yet :)
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pi X jin

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hi:) i wanted to bring some KAT-TUN scans from the feb issue of Myojo, but due to some probs, i could only scan in the cover. anyway, Myojo is being very kind this month, cos they're giving away a KAT-TUN DVD box together with the magazine:) and there's more stuff inside too.

the dvd box i was talking about is shown on the top left corner of the cover:)

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KAT-TUN Lip balm and Vit C CM Backstage footage

I have nothing better to do.
I've upload these files for a friend and thought I should share them.

They are old KAT-TUN CM Backstage footage . One is the lip balm and the other is the Vitamin C drink CM.


Enjoy them

Download = comment.
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