January 11th, 2006

  • ryuukoi

Johnny's Seijinshiki!!! + Pictures

even though they said the seijinshiki is supposed to be on the 12th but they don't want to have too much fans... and creat something like in LA... they decide to start it today....... just 2hours ago!
now the ceremony has ended.
Kame, Junno, Koki, P, Okura, Hasejun and few other that didn't come to the ceremony are official seijins
and Kame, Koki, and P wear traditional kimono, and other wear suits, koki's kimono is white, while kame and p's are black

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Artistic Browncoats forever!

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i was wondering if anyone could up some pvs of kat-tun, i haven't seen any before and i think i've missed uploads as i've been with the community for a bit but i think i missed stuff
thanks in advance